Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Pictures because even though I had a brilliant thought today I lost it

We have been having the most amazing sunsets

and for days upon days 
the hoar frost was brilliant

it stuck to everything and just kept getting thicker

until one day it finally fell off 
making it look like it was raining snow

our business is picking up early
that is good for this season's outlook
but leaves us scrambling to be ready so soon

If you think the sunsets have been gorgeous 
you should be here for the Winter sunrises. The light
casts of colors warming night chilled rooms
It makes Winter almost bearable

This particular morning it was so amazing
I was late because I stopped to take pics and admire

It was so worth it

Now as I said, I had the most amazing thought today on the way to work (still trying to get used to saying that).  It was absolutely revolutionary in it's process.....but a head cold took over and shut my brain down and it is gone.  Sorry, next that happens (and I think- you should write this down....which I totally thought mid-moment of this great thought) I will write it down.  This is why I always carry a notebook. Little good it does me if I don't use it!