Saturday, March 23, 2013

(Night) owls prefer not to see mornings

My family has a funny weekend habit (funny like stepping in dog poo is funny) They find a way to wake me up wayyyy too early on Saturdays. Oh hahahhahah har har he ha blah! Grrrr....
*1) child #3 finally remembers to set his alarm before falling asleep, unfortunately he only remembered to do this on a Friday night.
*2) my hard working husband gets up to head to our business property to work, waking me up when he gets up AND again after his shower AND again as he heads out the door (thanks for the kiss hun)
*3) the kids zone out to tv and don't realize the dog is dying of a full she barges in to my room to lick my hand hanging over the edge of the bed 

Soooooo, I'm up, at 8am. on a Saturday. When I have no real reason to be awake until at least 9am. I soooo love sleeping in. I spent over a decade sleep deprived and want nothing more now than an hour or two of extra sleep on a Saturday morn.

sigh....done whining. have a good day. I hope you got to sleep in.

I know it seems odd to have logged back on to my blog to voice this, but it was too long and whiney for FB. Also, if I don't get this grumble out of my head I am going to continue to have a less than productive day.