Saturday, January 30, 2010

He's Around

People see God every day, they just don't recognize him.
~Pearl Bailey

Just One Thing

I wish I could sing ...
If you could change one thing.....

Something you are NOT good at

That you wish you were...

What would it be?

Friday, January 29, 2010

Instant - Fabulous

Netflix - Watch Instant

How fabulous is that?

That is what we will be doing tonight.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

I have a favorite child... ok, not really... well sorta.......

Hey, Just Jules here. Shelle presented this question to me- Do you believe that you have a stronger bond with one of your children ? More so than the others...

My take:
I chose this topic simply because we have a larger pool of children to observe these sort of behaviors then some of you do. Out of our four children I see unique relationships between us and them and even between them as siblings..

To read the rest of this just click on the RWVM button up there.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Collaborative Photo Project: Cold



It is Wednesday evening that means it is time to post our Collaborative Photo Project.

The word choice was mine. I went with "cold" for obvious reasons.
Deb's feet are cold. I am showing off some of the gorgeous hoar frost we had last week.

More examples
color, Reflect,Snow,Grey,Light,Read,Exhilarate,Fear,Care,Free

What I Meant To Say

When I told my son to get to bed now.... please, it is time. And had to tell him again 10 and then 15 minutes later, after I came up from helping the other two get into bed....

WIMTS - Get your tiny little butt into bed before I physically pick it up and throw it there, and don't think I can't you little pip squeak.

When my husband woke me up this morning (an inservice day for him, a day off for the kids and I) to say good bye I said "mmm, mmmhmmm, *inaudible or muffled pillow sounds*, K mmm, K, mmmhmmm, bye"

What he thinks IMTS- Good bye my hard working man, thanks you so much for getting up and braving the cold to go to work and earn money so we can live a comfortable life. Oh and by the way ... you are looking mighty sexy today growwwwwl ;)

WI(really)MTS - WTH are you waking me up for on this grey cold morning, when I could easily sleep for another hour or more.... damn, why do you think I have trained the kids so well to take care of themselves in the morning. Oh, and you do look mighty good this morning *kiss

There ya have it. Go see the Queen of funny and sarcasm to see who else played along this week. The Collaborative Photo Project word for this afternoon is Cold... if you can't wait to see our takes - head over to Deb's place now.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

OompaLoompas and Lizard People

I own/manage a woman's fitness spa and recently had the opportunity to attend a tanning expo. While I am not an avid tanner, I do sell tanning packages and products at our club and was interested in checking out the new products and possibly winning the grand door prize (a new tanning bed). This was my worst nightmare. I walked in all my Casper (the friendly ghost) like glory into a room of oompah loompahs,

lizard/human mutants and Malibu barbies.
The day started with the opening of the discontinued/overstock room. All sorts of fabulous lotions at shockingly low prices. All of these tanners, men and women alike, jostling each other trying to grab up what they can like a day after Thanksgiving sale. It felt like I had stepped into an awful Sci Fi movie.
The day then moved onto the actual expo part where the vendor booths were set up in one half of a large room which was divided into two rooms with a large curtain. In the other half was the lunch/speaker section of the room. Of course since it was a tanning expo they had free tanning available. It wasn't long before the stench of cooking flesh started filling the air - which was extremely appealing while I was attempting to eat my lunch (which was shared at a table of 2 oompah loompahs, 1 extremely bitchy Malibu barbie, 1 lizard/human mutant and a partridge in a pear tree. Actually no partridge just an older couple who may have wandered into the expo by mistake and were excited snapping up all the free samples they could.
The whole day was an assault to all the senses from the scary sight of the oompah loompahs, the smell of roasting flesh, being bumped and jostled by the lizard/human mutants,

the constant hum of the tanning beds running all day and finally the taste of the bronzing mist from the spray on facial tan I was talked into sampling. I felt slightly like Ross from friends. I stood there waiting for her to spray until I finally ran out of breathe. I opened my mouth to ask if she was going to spray when she pulled the trigger sending a wonderful bronzing mist into my mouth. YUM!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Random Thoughts - Give Em To Me!

No matter how much I clean and organize my house it is only going to work if other people *ahem* in the house help me keep it that way.

I don't know where your xyz is I didn't use it, there for I didn't lay it down (in it's inappropriate spot) See above!

No matter how many times I check my ::phone::email::facebook::etc in a row it is NOT going to make a message from the outside world appear - apply watched pot theory here.

Women could save a sh*t load of money on plastic surgery - in fact the industry would go out of business if men would just bombard women with how beautiful they look just like they are. Seriously - think about it. (call it stupid if you want ... but it is true)

Why is it when you have to do something -like enter checkbook into Quicken- you don't want to. But, in the middle of cooking supper for company you feel compelled to go sit down and do it?

Why are the seams on socks on the inside?

I have turned into "one of them" you know, the people who can't imagine heading into town at 8pm...because it is SOOO late.

Am I the only one that don't think they try to make cartoons funny anymore?

I tire of something as soon as I figure out how to do it. Making soap, jewelery making, sewing, crafting, cooking a dish, etc etc.... So, I guess my hobby is really figuring out how to do things - not actually doing them for a lifetime.

Alright - enough from me.

Your turn.

Fill up my box.......

Throw me your most random thoughts

You can do it!

(And hey! with Sage(aka Mr. Random) MIA you all might have a fighting chance)

A Blessing - Mealtime

Bless our friends,
Bless our food.
Come, O Lord and sit with us.
May our talk
Glow with peace;
Come with your love to surround us.
Friendship and love
May they bloom and grow,
Bloom and glow forever.
Bless our friends, Bless our food, Bless us all forever.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Yeah, we have an accent -

but our quarterback can kick your quarterback's *ss

This is the first game I am excited for since we lived in Colorado.

Friday, January 22, 2010


I Live Here S.F.
*hint hint
I have been inspired

Something is in the works......



More to come later.

Blog Cleaning

I am sooo behind on this blog. I am so sorry.
I did however finish writing 5 blog posts to be scheduled at later dates over at The Real World Venus vs Mars. You may want to wander over there today or tomorrow or every day it is such a cool site. I am one of 20 contributors, half male/half female.

Now some business that needs getting too:
Awards- who me? You like this dribble I spew out? You dears are crazy and that is why I love you!!!!

Vodka Logic presented me with this blog award - I like this one.
Who doesn't want to be bitch-fabulous?

Shelle from La Vita E Bella gave me this honor....
The rules that go along with this award say that you have to
List 10 ten things that make you happy

(I will skip my family and husband because those are automatics)

::Watching movies, particularly in the theater
::Blogging early in the morn and late at night
::Reading before going to sleep
::Growing a garden - nature at it's best
::Rock climbing - I want to go again
::Hot summer nights- before the mosquitoes breed
::Floating in water
::When I realize I have effected someone's life in a positive manner
::My new camera
::Jeans that fit (I have long legs and no hips - it isn't that easy)

I don't have anyone to pass these onto right now.
Because, to be honest I have been a horrible reader of blogs lately.

The List of Eight:
Will (from Fatherhood and Other Common Trends) tagged me, and as much as I fought doing this one, I finally finished. (he is lucky that he is damn sweet :) I swear I am too distractable to have 8 of anything I like or that stays constant, but I tried.

So here’s my lists of eight:

Eight TV Shows I Watch:
CSI-Vegas, Miami, NY
Criminal Minds
Dirty Jobs
Dog the Bounty Hunter - dumb show I know, but Leland is a bad boy kinda cute
Brothers and Sisters
Little People Big World
Hunting is often on around here. Boys outnumber us 4 : 2
I don't watch much t.v.

random photos
by Jules

Eight Favorite Places to Eat & Drink
Red Lobster - all time favorite (only seafood around these parts)
Applebee's (because the kids all like it)
Blue Moon Saloon - back woods bar, deer on the wall etc
The Tequila Bar at Bally's in Vegas - best tacos ever
LoneStar Steakhouse in Fargo - that is where I met my husband
Brigets Cross/Pub - best Shepard's pie ever
Taco Bell - nothing better after a late night (or so I remember)
Zorbaz - best Macho Nachos and beer

Eight Things I look Forward To
When Dearest gets home
When all of the kids are sleeping soundly
Spending time with my b.friend Amy
Summer nights
Our yearly trip
That look in my kids eyes when they get it - when it clicks

Eight Things that Happened Yesterday
Got kids on the bus, hubby out the door
Took youngest to preschool
Went snowshoeing
Paid bills/house pymt.
Picked up office / business supplies
Blogged/ answered a few of the growing emails
Cleaned the house/made spaghetti/folded laundry
Chatted via text with my nephew

Eight things I Love About Winter
That it doesn't last forever
The first big storm
How beautiful things look when covered in fresh white snow
Having an excuse to read, write, and watch movies
No mosquitoes or flies
Snow forts

Eight Things on my Wish List
Less debt
More time with my husband/family
More time alone (yeah both are possible)
To be more
To do more
More patience
Another trip with my friend
An over night alone with my husbandEight Things I am Passionate About
Yeah.... ummmm... hmmmmm

Eight Words I Often Use

Eight Things I Learned from the Past

Eight Things I Want/Need.
Free shoes, I always think having more variety would be fun but hate to spend money on them
A better variety in my wardrobe - same thing here
A job that doesn't require me to punch a clock - youngest goes back to school next year.
Sanity- I have 4 kids, a dog, 2 cats, a busy husband.... it's not gonna happen
Socialization- I go crazy when I am shut in too long
Quiet time - on the same hand, I do like some down time
More date nights
More date nights ... yeah twice

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Collaborative Photo Project - Color

Today's word was Color:


Another round of - UltraBitch (aka What I Meant To Say)

To the lady at the flower shoppe - when I said I would love to come and work here next year when my youngest goes to school.

WIMTS - I REALLY want a job here cuz you guys are so cool and you bring your dogs to work and you listen to great music and everyone that works here is beautiful with great hair. you wear fabulous skirts and boots and I just really want to work here. plus you get to work with flowers! hello!

To my youngest son - when I told you not to say that.... "you are annoying me" to that lady, because it was rude

- The is friggin funny, and I am trying really hard not to laugh at you because that would give you the wrong impression. Because you, as a 5 year old, really shouldn't talk that way - but you are right she REALLY was annoying!

To my body- When I said let's go snowshoeing

WIMTS- I am going to trick you back into shape by walking in the woods looking at pretty things and taking pictures - what you don't know is how damn hard it is to walk in snow with snowshoes on. That's right butt you are getting firmed up and don't even know it - ha! so there!

To anyone I have not returned a phone call or email to: I am fine, do not call the police or search dogs out. I am alive and well.

WIMTS- Checking emails and phone messages seems a bit daunting right now. I see your name there in my inbox... take a number and wait please. I will be with you as soon as the sun shines and my overwhelmed with life feeling goes away.

To my hubby- when I said I am not really sure where last years orders are for our business, but I will look

WIMTS - I don't know where the hell you threw them, find them your own damn self. But of course in your hunting for them you would make a huge mess so never bleeping mind I will do it myself! love you dear ;)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

We drive on lakes and stare down holes

We have two seasons in Minnesota: Winter and almost Winter.

We start looking for snow in October and are surprised if we don't have any by Halloween. We receive the majority of our snow fall in March and do not expect to see the ground again until the end of March or the first weeks of April. Winter rules our lives in the great state of Minnesota, especially when you live as far North as we do.

Because of this we as Minnesotans have come up with many many ways to entertain ourselves during this long, grey, cold season.
and Ice Fishing.
We are after all the land of 10,000+ lakes, all of which freeze over, and most of which have fish in them.

As soon as the ice is thick enough hearty Minnesotans can be spotted out on the lakes fishing, snowmobiling, skiing, and here in town using it as a extra parking lot for the college (not kidding).

There are portable fishhouses and permanent ones. We have had both. We now have a very nice permanent house (that has been quite mobile this year).

Per more then one request here are some pictures of our experience as ice fishermen:
Here you see Dearest pulling the house out on to Lake Plantagenet.

He used the 4 Wheeler since he wasn't 100% certain of the ice conditions on this lake and he had to go quite a way across the lake. Notice the "road" that had already been created from the traffic.

Once the house is set up the wheels come off and the house sets on the ice. Snow is "banked" around the outside of the house to serve as insulation which helps keep the holes from freezing solid again after they have been drilled. It also helps keep the house warm once you have the stove going. Yes, odd, snow keeping something warm.

Holes are drilled in the ice. We finally have a gas powered auger. (vs. a hand crank one)

The ice is then cleaned out of the holes. As you fish you have to continue to clean the holes because the water starts to freeze which closes the hole. (this hole was outside the house for a "tip up")

For the holes inside the house, the best way to do this is mark the ice where the holes are going to be, move the house, drill the holes and put the house back. If you choose to drill inside the house you are left with the ice shavings and water to deal with in the house.

Here is what the hole looks like from inside the house.
Then........... you bait the hooks with minnows - drop the line about a foot off from the bottom of the lake, and wait.......... staring down the hole and watching the bobber. Similar to watching a bobber from a boat. But, you are staring down a hole. Dearest has our lines set up on a Rattle Reel. This allows the fisher-people the luxury of NOT staring down the hole waiting on the bobber. As the fish grabs the hook and takes the line, the line unwinds from the reel, the reel makes a click click click sound as this happens. This noise alerts you to the fact that you have a fish.
Games can be played, snacks eaten, and playing outside on the lake in the snow keeps the kids busy too.

The wood stove keeps the house warm. It is quite small but packs quite the punch. In fact the last time I was in the house it was 80+ degrees F in there. (It was -17F outside).

You can see here the contrast of heat from inside to out by the fog/steam created when the door opens .

Here is a shot of the inside of the fishhouse. This is the nicest house we have had. Hubby spent a Fall building it himself from the aluminum frame up. (notice on the walls, the black rattle reels, on the right and left back sides of the house)
This house has 7 fishing holes and a spear hole as well.
(Spearing is something for another post, another time. It is another way to fish in the winter)

Hopefully fish are caught, pictures are taken, stories are made...and if we are lucky there is enough for a meal.

Walleye and perch were our take on this trip.

They were delicious.


pic taken by J.J.
while snowshoeing

But blessed is the man who
trusts in the Lord,
whose confidence is in him.
He will be like a tree
planted by the water
that sends out its roots by the stream
It does not fear when heat comes;
its leaves are always green.
It has no worries in a year of drought
and never fails to bear fruit.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Summer will return....sigh

Remembering sunnier warmer days

Alright.......Off to snowshoe

Friday, January 15, 2010


Ever Feel Like This:
I ended up with a raging headache yesterday due to an exhibit at the Science Center gone bad. I crawled into my room after supper, ignored my family, got into bed, and read for over an hour. My children were home and doing ??their thing??.
Dearest was running one to Bball practice....

I came out at the children's bedtime and realized, that for (maybe) the first time since they were born I didn't know exactly what they were doing .
I may crawl into my room and hide more often.

However, next time I will practice spelling words with the kids first , oooops...

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Me in a swimsuit in the snow.... Collaborative Photo Project - Crazy

Our word for this week is CRAZY
Enough said! More info on our project here

Oh, and when you post a picture of yourself in a swimsuit on FaceBook
It WILL generate comments ;)

What I meant to say - round 2

When I said I am a bit more relaxed and happier when I am alone on my blog yesterday

w.i.m.t.s. was - If you would all just leave me the F*** alone sometimes mommy would be a much happier lady, meaning you would be mucho happier in the end too!

When I said to my older children - you need to sit with your younger brother at night on the bus to help keep him quiet (so he doesn't get kicked off....psssst... he is only in first grade)

w.i.t.s. was - Sit with him and gag him if you need to, DO NOT get drug into the loudness and fun that is this boy! Because you are now both being threatened by the bus driver.

and p.s. - to the bus driver - reallllllllly? isn't kicking kids off the bus reserved for things like having hurt others, and carrying knives?

When I told my son's reading teacher that it is difficult to deal with all four of my children in the evening - keeping them on task and sorting through all of their different needs and issues (usually on my own) Which is why I do not have time to work through his complaints about this specialized reading program......

w.i.m.t.s was - you just wait, wait until the day you have ANY children, much less four . You will then step off from your high horse, newly married, idealistic views- into my world of reality and abyss. (plus I KNOW you were judging me for saying I lost my patience with the whole thing.... oh you just wait!)


Thank you to everyone for stopping by and seeing what I really meant to say. Having new people around is always fun! I am not around too much during the day once I post my blog. I try hard to hit everyone of you, if I can. But, if I am not around - let yourself in, there is coffee in the thermos and banana bread on the counter... make yourself at home and have a look around.

I am a busy friggin mom of four who has several blogs, a household, a small business and my sanity to keep up. Plus I have to run my son's homework into the school because he left it on the table..... So if you wanna read what I wrote - have at it- if you get pissy that I didn't make a return visit to your site then you can kiss my............ (hehe this is fun)

Ok- back the real world (so I don't get myself in trouble by accidently saying what I really meant when I head into the school... can you imagine?)

Monday, January 11, 2010

Who are you when no one is looking?

I am NOT the same person when I am alone as I am when I am surrounded by others. Now, granted my whole core self does not change. But, I relax more.

I am goofier when no one is around. I have been known to sing and I could be seen dancing around the house (neither of which anyone should have to suffer through). I talk to myself and I even answer... why not? It still matters what I look like when I am alone. Even if I decide to stay in my pajamas - I make sure to look decent enough that I could answer the door if I had to, and not be embarrassed.

I take things a bit slower and breath a little easier; it is possible to do that when you only have to worry about yourself. I tend to clean more, simply because I know that I am not going to mess it up, it will stay that way. I smile more and I find things funnier - I laugh at myself a lot (remember I talk to myself, apparently I am funny ;)

If I am going to do something that I enjoy - like sewing, make jewelery, making soap, writing, taking and editing pictures, blogging... I am more likely to do these things on the rare event that I am alone. Oh... and I read as I do things like cooking.

What else do I do differently when I am alone
(If ever, I am alone for an extended period of time)

I eat a small bit when I get up followed by lunch at 10 am, supper around 3:30-4 and a snack around 8-9pm. (Now if I didn't live in Minnesota that would be just right for breakfast, lunch and dinner.) The food that I make tends to take more time to prepare. There is no one to whine about wanting their meal NOW.

I sleep in until about 9am, nap around 2, and kick it into high gear at 3pm and stop around 2am (I am most productive during these times). Where I crawl into a bed and sleep from corner to corner across the mattress.

Finally, thoughts on being alone:: I am the youngest child in my family. My brothers were out of the house when I was in early Jr. High. This allowed my parents to finally get out of the house and do some things - so I was often alone. I got used to being alone, and I actually enjoy it. In fact some days (weeks/months) I crave it. I remember when the kids were young and I had reached my breaking point, hubby would say - I will watch the kids, go do something. But, really, all I wanted was to be alone in my own house, to do my own thing.

Who are you when no one is looking?

side note: the lady in this pic looks like my mom (kinda)

Every Super Hero Has a Nemesis

Photo #5 - Laundry

Today is the day I make my rounds to the various baskets around the house collecting the laundry. There are then piles made for ::jeans::darks::lights::whites::delicates::towels and sheets::

Then I stuff my HE front end loading washer full of jeans - since those always seem to be in short supply around here. I continue on through the rest of the loads until they are all washed. Now you all know how this process goes - wash, dry (hang a few things to dry), fold, and put away ...wait, repeat.

This type of work kills me. There is not immediate gratification for me. Seeing those piles of clean clothes is not something I can take pride in. It is a job that is never ending. As soon as my family changes their clothes for bed the baskets will be half full again. Sigh.....

This, my dear readers, this is my Nemesis. Ever Super Hero must have at least one - and this is one of mine.

Side Note on this subject: I used to was 22-25 loads of laundry a week. When I came home from the hospital with baby #4 (and my oldest was only 5) Dearest had installed a brand new large load (3 loads at a time) washer and dryer. Lowering my wash loads down to 7-9 now. Of course it is still the same amount of clothing to fold and put away - but I went from washing/drying every day to once a week now. So - say what you want about presents with cords, but, I appreciate those kinds of gifts.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Snowshoeing - Photo Collage

Photo #4 (collage)
No Matter How Long The Winter
Spring Is Sure To Follow