Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Collaborative Photo Project: Cold



It is Wednesday evening that means it is time to post our Collaborative Photo Project.

The word choice was mine. I went with "cold" for obvious reasons.
Deb's feet are cold. I am showing off some of the gorgeous hoar frost we had last week.

More examples
color, Reflect,Snow,Grey,Light,Read,Exhilarate,Fear,Care,Free


Anonymous said...

the leaves are beautiful, but I am crazy for the foot;)

Gaia said...

You are really having fun lots of fun and creativity with your camera urh. Love all pics. Enjoy!

Michelloui said...

These images made me smile... Im from Bji but have been living the past 20 years in the UK. Just a couple of weeks ago my dad (who still lives in Bji) called to say when he woke up that day the thermometer read -30F. I don't miss that cold, but I do miss the beauty of MN winters!

Memories Of Mine said...

Oh I hate cold feet, it's the worst part of you body to be cold... if your feet are cold everything is cold!

I love the image of the brown leaf top right. Very special :)

Big Blue House said...

I loved your frost pictures. You are getting very good with your camera. Thank goodness there can be some beauty with the cold.

Deb you have a cute foot but shouldn't it be blue.....