Friday, January 22, 2010

Blog Cleaning

I am sooo behind on this blog. I am so sorry.
I did however finish writing 5 blog posts to be scheduled at later dates over at The Real World Venus vs Mars. You may want to wander over there today or tomorrow or every day it is such a cool site. I am one of 20 contributors, half male/half female.

Now some business that needs getting too:
Awards- who me? You like this dribble I spew out? You dears are crazy and that is why I love you!!!!

Vodka Logic presented me with this blog award - I like this one.
Who doesn't want to be bitch-fabulous?

Shelle from La Vita E Bella gave me this honor....
The rules that go along with this award say that you have to
List 10 ten things that make you happy

(I will skip my family and husband because those are automatics)

::Watching movies, particularly in the theater
::Blogging early in the morn and late at night
::Reading before going to sleep
::Growing a garden - nature at it's best
::Rock climbing - I want to go again
::Hot summer nights- before the mosquitoes breed
::Floating in water
::When I realize I have effected someone's life in a positive manner
::My new camera
::Jeans that fit (I have long legs and no hips - it isn't that easy)

I don't have anyone to pass these onto right now.
Because, to be honest I have been a horrible reader of blogs lately.

The List of Eight:
Will (from Fatherhood and Other Common Trends) tagged me, and as much as I fought doing this one, I finally finished. (he is lucky that he is damn sweet :) I swear I am too distractable to have 8 of anything I like or that stays constant, but I tried.

So here’s my lists of eight:

Eight TV Shows I Watch:
CSI-Vegas, Miami, NY
Criminal Minds
Dirty Jobs
Dog the Bounty Hunter - dumb show I know, but Leland is a bad boy kinda cute
Brothers and Sisters
Little People Big World
Hunting is often on around here. Boys outnumber us 4 : 2
I don't watch much t.v.

random photos
by Jules

Eight Favorite Places to Eat & Drink
Red Lobster - all time favorite (only seafood around these parts)
Applebee's (because the kids all like it)
Blue Moon Saloon - back woods bar, deer on the wall etc
The Tequila Bar at Bally's in Vegas - best tacos ever
LoneStar Steakhouse in Fargo - that is where I met my husband
Brigets Cross/Pub - best Shepard's pie ever
Taco Bell - nothing better after a late night (or so I remember)
Zorbaz - best Macho Nachos and beer

Eight Things I look Forward To
When Dearest gets home
When all of the kids are sleeping soundly
Spending time with my b.friend Amy
Summer nights
Our yearly trip
That look in my kids eyes when they get it - when it clicks

Eight Things that Happened Yesterday
Got kids on the bus, hubby out the door
Took youngest to preschool
Went snowshoeing
Paid bills/house pymt.
Picked up office / business supplies
Blogged/ answered a few of the growing emails
Cleaned the house/made spaghetti/folded laundry
Chatted via text with my nephew

Eight things I Love About Winter
That it doesn't last forever
The first big storm
How beautiful things look when covered in fresh white snow
Having an excuse to read, write, and watch movies
No mosquitoes or flies
Snow forts

Eight Things on my Wish List
Less debt
More time with my husband/family
More time alone (yeah both are possible)
To be more
To do more
More patience
Another trip with my friend
An over night alone with my husbandEight Things I am Passionate About
Yeah.... ummmm... hmmmmm

Eight Words I Often Use

Eight Things I Learned from the Past

Eight Things I Want/Need.
Free shoes, I always think having more variety would be fun but hate to spend money on them
A better variety in my wardrobe - same thing here
A job that doesn't require me to punch a clock - youngest goes back to school next year.
Sanity- I have 4 kids, a dog, 2 cats, a busy husband.... it's not gonna happen
Socialization- I go crazy when I am shut in too long
Quiet time - on the same hand, I do like some down time
More date nights
More date nights ... yeah twice


Deb said...

Ok, am rushing off to Post office, but wanted to say that I adore the pic of you with the camera..dark, moody and gorgeous! mwaah

Will Burke said...

Amen, that's a great shot of you! And your snow shoing seems fruitful for photos too! Thanks for taking that on. it's a head-scratcher, alright! And I'm mighty flattered at being "damn sweet." Blushing, just a little!

Big Blue House said...

hhhmmmmmm......I didn't ready anything about spending more time with your aging parents. Can't we be on the list somewhere?