Friday, November 13, 2015

I needed to write, but then

I logged onto Google today with the idea that I could get the topic that was swimming around my noggin out of there if I could just write it down. I thought I would open a Google Doc and spill the nonsense running around my head and then be able to go on my way to conquer the day.  But when I logged on I saw that Blogger was a listed Google option .  Why not, I thought?! So I clicked. Then I scanned, and then I looked at my blog and realized I haven't been here for two years. All of a sudden I am lost in thinking about these last two years and I have completely lost the topic of conversation that only minutes ago I couldn't stop screaming in my brain.

So now I am staring at this writing canvas and instead of leaving it blank and coming back to it another time I am smearing ridiculousness all over it in fear that if I don't say something I will never come back here again......

Life is all too strange, I tell you.
So after two years of being gone I leave you with nothing, but this nothing has wasted some of your time, for that I apologize.

Taken on our trip this summer to Lake Michigan - CR Julie S.