Friday, July 31, 2009

I have 1 minute

I have set the timer. I have 1 minute.

The podcast went great yesterday. Adam is a great host, and I had a lot of fun. He said it would be up on Sunday - I will link.

I had practiced in line at Walmart... I was my own one woman comedy show. Breaking the Minnesota rule (and apparently Danish rule-right Julie?): don't talk don't look don't touch rule of standing in line.

Other then that had Dragon Boat practice last night. It wasn't as good as on Tuesday a little off rhythm and a whole lot more splashing and paddle clicking - oops.

I am off to sell a dock - more later.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

My take on John and Kate

This is my second post for the morning - see other one right below this one... see why I am speechless, and why this is reallllly bad timing!

I was in the salon getting my hair cut yesterday. As I waited I was presented with a basket full of magazines. These of course were all gossip related mags. Well, since I am not promoting these magazines by spending my own money on them .... why not take a peek. This is what I saw- John Gosselin (from U.S. tv show John and Kate plus 8) running around France with a girl over a decade his younger. This 20 days after his divorce was finalized.

I am not a big one to share celebrity gossip. It is what it is (or isn't).

But, there is something that I can't help wondering....

Why is it that a guy gets to go running off to the South of France while the mom is stuck at home with the kids. A guy gets to have a (not so) mid life crisis and go running around with a (too) young girly and the mom is stuck with the responsibilities. Yes I know, that according to the agreement Kate will get some time off and John will be at the house with the kids. But, my guess is during this time she will be planning things for her kids. Thinking of things around the house.

I do not favor Kate over John on this issue. I CAN NOT believe I am even writing an entire post on the topic - but seriously here folks.

In fact I have been in defense of John all along. See here. In fact I think Kate was a over bearing, controlling, b*tch, who quite frankly I couldn't have lived with either. I also think that people give up too quickly on their marriages.

It has been interesting for me to watch. How money and fame can effect a person - in this case in two opposite ways. As a married women I would like to think if I had been in that situation I would have seen it coming first of all (had Kate been home long enough inbetween book deals and promotions she might have ) secondly - I would love to believe that I would do what ever it took to keep my marriage - drop the show, seek counseling, move... whatever. Had John been more forceful with his feeling, stated that it wasn't enough to stay home and that he felt incomplete. Men need jobs- usually out of the house to feel like they are contributing, it is inborn. Regardless, there are kids involved here and their future is what matters. Enough.....

Back to the point. Men and their need to "get away". There are days, hours, moments- damn - !weeks! when I dream of jumping a plane with a hot young thing (you, of course Dearest ;) and jetting off to the South of France, or to a movie in my own town... sigh.... just sayin'

And I won't be saying anymore - cuz gossip is just that.

Podcast Guest desperately seeks a story.

So here I am wordless. Never a problem I have had before. What to talk about? What to blog about? I have nothing.

Now this shouldn't be a problem but I am a guest on Adam's (from I don't give 2 cents) pod cast tonight. I need a story 2-3 minutes long and preferably entertaining! I have nothing. Nothing!

I don't know what is going on in my head. Why I don't have anything. Is it because it is summer and I am outnumbered 4 to 1 all day and most of the night? Is it because the weather has been awful - high of 67 today... wtf? It should be almost 100 this time of year! The lake should be our best friend not our sweatshirts.

I haven't been doing anything really. Yet, I have been a bit overwhelmed. We are heading out to Colorado very soon. There is so much to do and not much we can do until next week and then it will be a week of chaos.

So, back to the point. A pod-cast. One in which people listen... hmmm yikes. I have a back up story - humorous even about an abstract purchase of a shower curtain liner, rubber gloves, and vaseline.... and the look on the face of the Walmart clerk - but this is a borrowed story.

I need something. Searching data base of a brain.... finding a "disconnected, try again later" signal.


Oh and to the people/person who unfollowed me yesterday - I am will you, I understand. I wouldn't stick around to read this dribble either. But, come back in the Fall once school starts and I promise I will be far more entertaining - far less distracted - and have a bunch more time to dedicate to this little spot in my world. In fact by January you will be sick of me and want to unfollow because I won't shut up!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My secret for the day- I am a swinger

I am sure you remember me telling you about spudaloo, sojourner, and moments of perfect clarity all taking part in the 30 secrets theme (see side bar for links)

I have been posting my own secrets in Debra's (sojourner) comment box each day to go with her secret of the day.

I thought I would cut and paste my secret for my post today.

My secret for the day - I still battle inner demons. I swing as low as I do high. I am on a low for a few days - but my friend Deb has told me countless times to listen to my body and I am. I will be off for a hair cut and back for some down time tonight. No computer no thinking... just me and trying to find the momentum to swing back up.

Now you know.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Pushing a Dragon through the Wind

Tonight I will be on Lake Bemidji pushing a dragon through the wind.

Every summer our town hosts the dragon boat races
(see link above).
This year Dearest and I ended up on a team.
Tonight is the first practice.
The weather is calling for wind gusts up to 16 mph -
On an open lake -rowing- this kind of wind can be an issue.

Maybe I should find a wet suit :)

I will update you more as things progress - the races are this Saturday.

Sunday, July 26, 2009


4 children. 4 shovels. 4x's more work then any of us could imagine.
What I did not realize is how many lessons in
shoveling I would be giving today.
It (apparently) is not an inborn ability!

In the end I am proud to say that the
girls (I'll call myself a girl)
outlasted the boys .
We are not done. But, we made a bit of progress today. There are even a few spots that I will be able to re-seed tomorrow. I will take a follow up pic and show you the lovely yard lights soon.

This is a good day

I have in a tin bucket -
new baby carrots
yellow baby potatoes
and the sweetest onions I have ever smelt

I am listening to my wee one #2 and 3 make themselves a salad
with the lettuce they picked themselves. They are excited - pretending they are farmers.

I love gardening. Maybe I should pretend I am a farmer too.

I am about to mix a drink and make supper.
Maybe I should pretend I am a chef.

I have just finished hours of shoveling - filling back in a ditch that provided a spot for the electrical cord to go for my/our new lamp posts that now line the driveway.
Maybe I should pretend I am a handy-man (no need to pretend here)

This is a good day.

Friday, July 24, 2009

You will know what to do

Read here

You will know what to do.

In Full Bloom- Picture Post

Garden - Picture Post

I gave myself a blog-cation. The last few days (although I only told you about it yesterday).
With the pressure off I went outside this morning. Surprise! although it has been cool all (Friggin') summer things are still growing. The garden appears a month behind. Which in our region means that most things won't be ripe before the frost. But, it still teaches the kids how food grows and where it comes from
(not a package from the store, but it originated rather in the ground)

There is a haze in this picture from the firepit behind me.

The squash is finally starting to grown.

Pole beans make for a great fort for the kids. Leaving plenty of unplanted room around it for them to run and play.

Lettuce - lots of lettuce. Onions and Kahlrabi (google it)
While thinning the carrots I was pleased to see there were enough for lunch.

Things are definitely behind. But, growing none the less. The bonus is that the weeds don't grow as fast either!
I fear that the raspberries which are just now ripening will be ready when we are gone on our trip. (more on our trip in a bit)

The garden is a great place to play and my favorite place at the end of the day.

Oh, and you say that it was a short vacation from blogatopia? Well, I am a mom of four and I am only allowed one day off at a time (even post-surgery!)

Thursday, July 23, 2009


I am taking a blog-cation. I have nothing to say right now. It feels as though no one is reading (which I know isn't true and I love you all and the time you take to pop over... but) I just need a bit of time off to come up with something quality to say.

I am hoping much like when you are trying to have a baby and finally stop trying so darn hard you end up pregnant - I hope I can pop out a fabulous post or two if I stop trying to think so hard about it.

I have a few things to talk about - but want to think about them first. I and the family are heading to the Western Slope of Colorado in a few weeks. My friend and I have booked a girls weekend out of town for late Fall. I am unbelievably excited about both of these things... and quite possibly that is interrupting my thought process here.

I will be back -don't forget about me. Who knows now that I take the pressure off myself I could be back after my shower ;)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Monday, July 20, 2009

Swim Nazi

Back we go to swimming lessons.

After spending two weeks at the pool we are heading back.

Apparently the swim instructors this season are swim Nazi's
Passing is a hard thing.

I guess in the end it is better to have a strong swimmer - but after spending $90 and watching my kids test (I thought they did all they were suppose to) I would like a discount on the second go round.... sigh

This session wee one #3 is going to join in the fun and take the beginners session.

So, if you need me I will be at the indoor pool (after a rousing session of speech lessons for wee one #3). Sigh - and the sun is actually shining today.......

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Mind your own business

Make it your ambition to lead a quiet life,
to mind your own business
and to work with your hands....
1Thessalonians 11

Friday, July 17, 2009

Down the river instead of up a creek


We made it 10 miles down the Mississippi River. We started just on the edge of the lake and paddled to a landing quite close to our house. It was cold, it drizzled, it was windy... and it was fun. It was relaxing. There was good conversation. There was a ton of wild life. There was no one else out there. (perfect)
Dearest steering. Cousins in canoe behind.
Click to enlarge

RxBambi said it best (in her comment) - Minnesotans are hardy. Plus, we are stubborn. Any one of the four of us could have called it off. But, we all just kept the idea of going. Thowing one more sweatshirt on before we left. (wishing for gloves when we got there)

We were the only people out there as I said. Which left us with plenty of opportunities to see a variety of wildlife, mostly birds. We did also see a beaver and one doe. Blue Herons, bald eagles, ducks, and loons were plenty.
This is an untouched picture of a loon. That is how close she let us get to her. We realized later we were between her and her baby. She was not happy about that. The loon is Minnesota's State Bird.
1/2 way through the trip we needed to "portage" (carry) our canoes around a power dam. We being the guys.
click to enlarge
Leaving me to carry the contents of the canoe.Don't I look so warm and toasty? Nothing like a nice canoe ride in the middle of the summer (July - the hottest month of the year!!!!! haha)

Regardless - we had fun. We even talked about us two couples taking a trip to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area together. Now THAT would be fun. Anyone volunteer to watch four kids for about four days?
This mornings post:
Down a river... not up a creek. We will have paddles too.

We are going canoeing today. Down the Mississippi. However.... the (friggin, gosh darn, fruit loopin, sending me over the edge of depression, unbearable) weather is not cooperating (again).


I will be back later with pics down the river. We will be taking "Buller" with us too.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Things are a changing around here...

As I was cleaning up the house yesterday I realized that there are several things I take for granted and that annoy me that I will eventually really really miss. There are also several things that I WILL NOT miss. Here are some examples.

Showering with two ferocious dinosaurs and a fishy wash cloth. I will miss that. The day I don't have the suction cup Elmo staring at me in the shower is the day I will be lonely in the shower. Who can say they get to shower with Elmo every day *wink.

This I WILL miss
I won't miss the half eaten food and the food messes in general. I am guessing the day will come when I wish there was something left over after three growing boys and a girly get done with a meal - but in the mean time - half eaten food and full blown messes

I will NOT miss.

I will miss having Barbie side by side with Light Sabers and Nerf guns. I think I see a rifle in there too! Yes folks it was a shotgun wedding between Barbie and Ken. With grape scented/dark hair with purple highlights Barbie, Snow White Barbie, and the Prince from the Magic Pegasus (the African version) were in attendance. Ken wore tux pants and an odd patterned shirt and Bride Barbie from the Magic Pegasus was wearing a Barbie dress from a vintage (my old Barbie clothes) 80's number with a strap on veil. That is how a Barbie shotgun/lightsaber/nerf gun wedding goes.

I will miss THAT.
I won't miss the mess that kids can make in a blink of an eye. Forts always sound like such a good idea - set up is quick but messy and play time takes half the time as setting up the fort - guaranteed. Lincoln Logs can only be played with if all the contents of the bucket are dumped out. This entertainment lasts less then the fort building/playing yet causes far more injuries to mother's toes.

This I WON"T miss.

Things are quickly changing around here. We are being thrown into an area of parenting I have been dreading - no parent can ever truly be prepared for the growing pains and attitude that we are starting to see (already).

But some things are far easier - like getting them to clean their room. I love a clean room, especially one that I did not have to clean!

I LIKE this.(not so) Wee one #1's "hunting" theme room.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Everyone has secrets, but, some people are telling them

My dear friend Deb is working on Sudallo's 30 secrets in 30 days challenge. Deb has been a friend of mine since we both ended up in a small town in Southwest Colorado together. We were both trying to create ourselves then - me after leaving college and her in a temporary separation situation. All these years later (12 to be exact (wow!) ) we have come to a point of re-creating ourselves! She, after her only child/daughter has moved onto college, and me as my children grow and require less physical attention (and a hell of a lot more emotional stuff).

Deb is working on a joy challenge as well as revealing 30 secrets.
Go see what is up here.
See why Janet Jackson has nothing on her....
I'm not telling - you have to go see.
(Tell her I sent you - you won't receive anything free or any discounts, but tell her the same)

and if you never looked at Spudaloo's secrets you have to go there too.
Amazing photos/hilarious secrets.
Julochka has taken up the challenge too.

There that should keep you busy :)


As part of the fun I will tell you a secret: the first guy I ever kissed also kissed my best friend the same night! No, I am not naming names - and mom I love ya, but, I won't tell you so don't ask ;)

Trying to make myself feel better

I am trying with this picture to make myself feel better. To remember what it could be.

I am seriously in a funk today and have been for a few days I believe. The weather should not be such a powerful force. But, we had such a hard, long, cold winter and now it has been a long cool , grey, drizzly Spring and Summer. It is 65 degrees and dark. We need rain, yet it has moved South of us. I was looking forward to this day - I prepared. It was going to rain. The earth would be watered and renewed, the positive ions would be released. I was planning on the kids watching movies and playing on the computer - something I have kept them from doing until it rained. I was going to drink tea, listen to talk radio and fold the laundry. But, instead we have a day that holds the light capacity of 7 o'clock and no rain, no relief. The kids are still watching tv and playing on the computer and I am still folding laundry, but it has lost it's romance. (if folding laundry can have romance?)

Monday, July 13, 2009

Ahh the Northern Life....(read Brrrrrrr)

I woke this a.m. for my 6 a.m walk
It was cold
I came back in for a sweatshirt
I considered mittens

I am not kidding

41 degrees


Friday, July 10, 2009

This will be a good year

This week was my birthday week. I turned 36. Or as Julochka would say 24/12.

I have to say that this was the best birthday in a very very long time. I feel younger this week then I did four years ago when I had a newborn (and three toddlers). This birthday really was a celebration.

The sun was shining, the temps perfect, and my attitude was in check. I spent the day doing trivial if not annoying things : paying bills, delivery said bills around town and to the post, grocery shopping with my dad, cooking supper/enjoying supper with my family and my parents, and making (my own) cake (I chose to do this), cleaning up, etc. But, it was all just so lovely. I know part of that has to do with this new hobby (read- addiction) of mine, Blogging. Blogging has helped me put things into perspective and to find the beauty in everyday life again. I know I have said this before, but hear it again people it is my birthday week there for I can repeat myself!

I look forward to this next year and the increased freedom that will come with it as my children grow and my own self can be rediscovered. I am glad you are along for the ride.

side note - I know I am still terribly absent from your comment boxes. Please understand that the weather is perfect and that although real world people suck, the real world itself doesn't. I will be lapping up the sun and fun for the few short days we have it and again come January you will be sick of me :)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

4-5-6-7-8-9 Have some cake

It is exactly 4:05:06pm on July 8, 2009.

That is 4:05:06 - 7/8/09 ... 4-5-6-7-8-9
(you get it, you've already heard it)


But did you know that it was my birthday too?

Join me for some cake to celebrate

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Fourth in Picture Review

I survived the Fourth of July weekend. It was four days of family fun. Scuba diving (hubby), fishing, swimming, fireworks, parade, and carnival in that order. Swimming with the fishes -( in a good way)

Civil Engineering for beginners

I thought I would show you our smallest catch.

Fourth of July is a time to remember.

Bouncing out some extra energy
at the carnival

Waiting for the fireworks on the lake.
The boats start moving into position.

Also - notice my picture proof of progress below.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

From Auto Pilot to Sassy

I have to type out these few lines that have been going through my head so that I can go to bed. I can't sleep, these words have been digging a hole in my brain all afternoon and possibly yesterday too.

I am getting back to the nitty gritty. I need to start thinking again. I have been on auto pilot. However, on auto pilot not all of the right switches get hit at the right time and adjusting for turbulence isn't possible. It can get you to your destination but it isn't the best way to function for the whole trip. (these are the words that were stuck in my head - the rest is devil spawn I swear!)

My house is driving me crazy - the walls are closing in. Figuratively and literally - There is clutter everywhere, and I have been in these same walls far too long. Yet, I haven't made it outside. The weather is to blame for a lot of this. I still haven't sanded and sealed the play house (nor have I posted a blog about the play house over at TALA) I haven't sanded and stained the front deck, nor have I even swept out the outhouse. The third hammock is still in storage, and the fountain went dry the other day. Flowers are over wet and others are bone dry. The garage is starting to resemble a nightmare and the cobwebs are taking over. (you know what else is to blame? last year's gas prices! When they were almost $5 a gallon I learned to stay home. Not going out and not thinking of what I wanted to do outside of the house. It was going green as in saving some! Now that mind set has stuck. Not a bad thing, but not helpful when the walls are closing in)

Inside my house - yikes, I can't even make a list.

So, a couple of things need to happen.
::I need to turn my brain back on - this will not happen quickly or go from 10% functioning to 100% overnight - but I am going to start cranking the handle to get the process started.

::I absolutely have to spend a couple of days no at least a week outside working double time on neglected projects.

::Inside needs a thorough once over. Hubby has banned me from doing another garage sale after I was in tears a little stressed the night before the last one - so I will be bagging and giving these items - it is decided and now it is written, so it shall be.

:: I will be held accountable by you all. Every so often I am going to make a list and then I will take picture proof to present to you. Maybe a to do and a completed list in the side bar? uggg all so much

:: I will be writing a lot less fluff and stuff and getting back to my soap box - ok, well.... I will still show pretty pictures, but if I can get this brain going I might come up with some rants again, and a little bit of grit. That might mean turning the t.v. back on or reading a paper so I can know what there is to bitch about in my part of the world. (cuz really fluff and stuff is for Winnie the Pooh)

::I am going to allow myself to spend a bit more time in front of the computer in the mornings again. This staying away to get things done is not working - hear this everyone in my life I am working with my internal clock and hitting it hard when I work best - so just back off and leave me alone! (ha, I wish it worked that easily)

::Apparently (after Dearest has just hollared out to me wondering why I am still typing, asking me if I was writing a book) I am also going to write a book that is a hit so that I can go on a book tour - hubby's request... sounds a bit John and Kate to me ;)

::OK, he's right - I will stop now because quite frankly this post was only going to be a few lines. I just needed to get them out of my head so that I could go to bed. Who knew those ideas were having sex in there and breeding a spew of ideas and frustrations and hatching a plan to expose my general laziness/lack of concentration as of late!

I need to go now- I haven't paid my house payment yet, just one more item overlooked (don't worry honey it isn't considered "late" until the 10th.
side note: this is a long time coming but was spurred by Spudaloo saying that I was "sassy" and quite frankly I am, but I haven't been lately. So, I shall rise again to honor the title of sassy - and to you my dear Spud fairy (kick in the pants) mother - thank you for unintentionally spurring me on. I needed it.