Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Everyone has secrets, but, some people are telling them

My dear friend Deb is working on Sudallo's 30 secrets in 30 days challenge. Deb has been a friend of mine since we both ended up in a small town in Southwest Colorado together. We were both trying to create ourselves then - me after leaving college and her in a temporary separation situation. All these years later (12 to be exact (wow!) ) we have come to a point of re-creating ourselves! She, after her only child/daughter has moved onto college, and me as my children grow and require less physical attention (and a hell of a lot more emotional stuff).

Deb is working on a joy challenge as well as revealing 30 secrets.
Go see what is up here.
See why Janet Jackson has nothing on her....
I'm not telling - you have to go see.
(Tell her I sent you - you won't receive anything free or any discounts, but tell her the same)

and if you never looked at Spudaloo's secrets you have to go there too.
Amazing photos/hilarious secrets.
Julochka has taken up the challenge too.

There that should keep you busy :)


As part of the fun I will tell you a secret: the first guy I ever kissed also kissed my best friend the same night! No, I am not naming names - and mom I love ya, but, I won't tell you so don't ask ;)


Deb said...

Ahhh! How could he? How could you? How could she? I want details....

Thanks for linking me, think you'll like secret #2! I'm going to go post it now (said in a sing-songy voice)!

spudballoo said...

Noooo, that's very shocking (re the kissing)...how upsetting!

I'm loving all these people spilling their secrets, such fun.

And thanks for filling in the details of how you and the Mag Deb know each other. It's good to have everyone in their boxes, you know? x

Homer and Queen said...

Dang I have no secrets! I am such an open book! Well, no GOOD secrets anyway!

TheChicGeek said...

Awwww, boys! LOL

Aren't we always changing and adapting, refining....it's our life path. Staying fresh and recreating or improving on what doesn't work makes for one fantastic life!

PS: My best friend and I have "shared" boys before too...LOL
I think it's part of being young and carefree...We are invincible then, aren't we? Or so we think...Oh, and I'm not telling names either...it's a secret :D LOL

Have a Happy Day, Julie :)

A Cuban In London said...

Hmmm... delicious post. For some reason, it reminded me of Madonna's song 'Secret' :-). Many thanks.

Greetings from London.