Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I just wanted you to know

So it begins. The weather has turned the ice is off and......the phone has started ringing. Yep a ringing phone. People calling to get their dock in, husband calling with things that need to get done, sales calls. This is all fabulous and a business owner that complained about business would be crazy -but wow! it is a bit early, by a month.

I have been working on some reading, my project has taken over my brain - the FB page has exploded (for a town our size), I still have the kids to deal with and am working on a whole "let's talk nice and not just yell right away" campaign with them, their is outside stuff that is now needing to be done after the snow has melted, along with the normal housework stuff which just seems to be too much lately (read - I do not want to do it.), etc etc

Excuses - maybe.

But I am not around as much and I just wanted you to know.


~DokterKenny said...

you were gone?

Deb said...

Mwwah! I love you too!

Will Burke said...

Thanks for the consideration -- I usually get such messages in the past-tense, after wondering where someone's been!