Wednesday, June 2, 2010

No point - the last week of school

What good does the last week of school serve? Children dragging their feet out the door, one in tears over having to go. Field trips, extra recess and playground time, free time all day (yes all day for my 4th grader) yesterday, the lessons are taught and the minds have shut off.... what purpose does it serve for the Elementary school to even be open?

I have moved into the summer mindset. I lose track of time at night - it is still warm and light at 8pm.... hard to remember it is time to lay their heads down.

Next year all four of my children will be in school. I realized this morning that these are the last three days my youngest and I will be alone until my third child graduates (and hopefully) moves out. Wow.... that is 10 no 11? years from now. Amazing to think about.

Off to hang the last hammock and to water the garden again... because I am in summer mode even if the school calender doesn't say it is


Sandra said...

And in three weeks you'll be longing for school to start! Oh, wait. That used to be me!

Deb said...

Summertime....and the living is easy!

Jenny said...

I'm a teacher and I completely agree - there's no point to the last week. Unfortunately, there will always be a last week, no matter when we end. Right? :) I <3 summer.

Candy's daily Dandy said...

AMEN to that sister!

jaykbee said...

I feel your pain on the last week of school subject. But the long, supposedly fun days of that week will be replaced in middle school by exams. You have a couple more years before that stress. lol.