Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Minnesota Tradition

It's that state wide holiday
Deer Hunting!

After hours and hours spent strapped to a tree in a tiny tree stand 
and now even more hours sitting in a deer standing
My oldest finally got his first deer
A good size 6 pt buck

I am happy for him

It's a Minnesota Thing


ConTemplate said...

SWEET! That's a beauty.

Brings back some great memories for me and my mouth is watering just thinking about venison stew, smoked venison sausage, etc, etc.


Alfro said...

It looks like a keeper.

Sailor said...

Excellent! Congrats to him :)

Jeff said...

Every state in the upper mid-west has a deer thing. MI's is next week although archery and youth hunters is happening now. I remember my first deer like it was yesterday. Now I just sit in my family room and watch them in my back yard and shoor them with my camera :-)

Karl said...

Good afternoon Jules,

Congratulations to him. A fine looking buck.

Where's yours?

Rob said...

Karl, I think Jules is married to her "young buck"! ;-)

leah - moxiethrift on etsy said...

that's a nice buck for his first! way to go. He (and you) should be proud!!