Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Need to get back on the blogging horse

I fell off the horse and have only made feeble attempt to get back on.
Between working now
Keeping the house up.......

It just seems like one more thing to do.  I do believe FB is a huge part of my lack of blogging.
I can spit immediate thoughts out of my head instead of storing them up until I had enough to blog about

But it is March and I am stuck in the inbetween
In between winter and spring
In between our business starting and it just ending
In between being depressed and knowing I am soon going to be in heaven with green grass and Spring flowers and warm sun.

Just waiting....................

in a holding pattern I guess, and you know how antsy you get knowing the airport is just right down there but you can't get to it

p.s. here is a great website I found through Pinterest: http://creativeconnectionsforkids.com/


Sandra said...

It's hard to get into the momentum once you've lost it. I know from my own experience. FB bores me to death, but still I look at it, so what does that say about me? I joined piniterest but have not gone beyond that, I guess cuz I don't care about what it is.

I have used FB as an excuse not to think about blogging though, so I understand your point. I have slid back into the blog recently, but I don't feel the need to approach it like a job anymore, because it's not!

The in-between is a roller coaster. It is warm and melting now. Next week could bring cold and snow. We will get there eventually. We always do. : )

Jeff said...

I have not blogged in well over a year...part of its FB which you can do from iphone very easily. You don't have make time to sit infront of your desktop or laptop. As for warm and green and lets not forget about lots and lots of sun when you are getting ready to re-locate to SC snow and cold isn't important anymore :-)