Saturday, April 24, 2010

Comparing moms to daredevil motorcyclists

For moms with younger kids. What size shoes do your kids wear? How about pants, shirts, and underwear? Where is the syrup at? Where can the extra toilet paper and papertowels be found? If I were to ask you when the last time the house plants were watered or the floor vacuumed I am guessing most of you could tell me. What day can you find the best produce at the market and which store has the better quality meat? These are all things that are no brainers to you, right? Bath times, the way your child eats their toas,t or goodness, what way NOT to cut the toast, these are all things moms know.

The fact that these little gems of knowledge are not broadcast around makes our job seem a lot easier than it really is. When we are coasting through our day making it look effortless (when, really, you and I both know we are one broken plate away from going over the edge) that in reality it is a well orchestrated performance. One that is rehearsed every day. One that is learned in time. Our job is no easier then the dare devil at the fair riding his motorcycle around and around the cage - but like him, we make it look easy.

So as Mother's Day approaches this Spring - think of that.

You are a motorcycle driving dare devil on their daily task of taking care of a child and the household and making it look easy in the process.

So the next time your spouse comes home and says, " What did you do all day?" You just tell them you rode motorcycle around a wire cage all day.


Danielle said...

I like that analogy and it is so true!

Will Burke said...

And that's why you're a writer; graphic, appropriate metaphore!

Anonymous said...

Perfect analogy!
no way I'd be able to dot hat gig.

lerrnst said...

all said, expect... it's easier to be a daredevil motorcyclist :-)

Deb said...

Ha! Great analogy...and you Jules, you are the dare-devilist of them all! Did I tell you that after your visit Darling Daughter decided that maybe she would have children after all? She went from never to four! Ha, I encouraged her to consider a happy medium. You are an inspiration Jules...And I like the idea of being a grandmother..someday! Mwwah!

Big Blue House said...

Great analogy. However, take it from one who knows. After the kids are grown and gone, you find out it wasn't just them asking "Mom where is......." it was also hubby.......and I realized then he was the worst offender! The kids looked for the item before they asked,usually, but hubby, different story. It would save HIM time to just ask, not thinking about MY time in finding it for him or telling him where it is. I left the motorcycle cage a long time ago and am now on a very long, thin, tightrope!!!!!!