Sunday, May 23, 2010

Am I Insane?

Am I insane? What would I be committing myself too?
Every week, every other?
Just one month of the summer? Or longer - play it by ear?

So much to consider.... but I want something - I need people, I need fun!
This summer I need more.

I am thinking of hosting yard games this summer. Corn toss, croquet, washers, badminton
Friends, food, fun, fire.......

Sounds fun.
Could it work?
Am I just asking for more work and more trouble?


Deb said...

It sounds like a blast! Is boccie to be included? A neighbor of ours had a yearly block party with games and beers from around the was a blast! We actually looked forward to shopping for our appointed country's beer each summer.

Deb said...

Love love love the playhouse, the slope of the roof is so charming. More pictures of it please....with girlie playing inside too? Ahh summer time! Yea for summer!

Big Blue House said...

A summer game party. Hmmmmmm......It will only be as much work as you want it to be. Pot lucks are good......I hope we are invited.

Danielle said...

I think it sounds fun. So much good couls come from it! Hard work and all!