Monday, May 3, 2010

This just in from Facebook, and Twitter confirms

I do not watch the news. You know that. It irks me to no end. If I do watch I will watch BBC - because they seems to be a bit more for promoting news.

However, here we go - I turned on the news again. Headline News on CNN to be exact. Why? I guess so I could have fodder for a blog post.

If I hear another news reporter say- from Facebook.....
on their Facebook page.....
we are getting off from our Facebook page.......

Ok Ok I get it - Facebook is the top place for information - but for news? really? I don't think so. That is saying the water cooler is the best place to get your facts from.

Let's keep Facebook for our family updates, drunken messages on Saturday night for some, pictures and other random tid bits..... But NOT for the news.

Thank you, and carry on.

all the ......'s were for you Os. Sorry. Got a bit carried away!


Will Burke said...

I think that if a network is doing news all day, a Social Media show may be interesting, as in "What's going on in this space?" but it isn't journalism!

Osbasso said...

I do appreciate someone who uses them as well as I do...!

Adan said...

well, what's really funny, most of the biggest breaking news stories of the last 6 weeks, all got scooped on twitter.

like today they announced a recall on baby tylenol. it was breaking news, but the company who makes it, posted the leak on Saturday afternoon and I knew about it LONG before the networks picked it up,.

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

HEY! THat's where I get all of my news!? I thought this was normal???

And if someone dies... twitter lets me know!

I'm just a keepin up with the times ;)

Danielle said...

Crap, I barely log into my facebook. They could bomb us and I would not know if I had to rely on that.