Thursday, September 15, 2011

Dreams (mine are odd)

My husband woke me up right in the middle of kissing John Travolta this morning. John was laying next to Michelle M. a girl I graduated with and had just seen at the class reunion.  John Travolta looked like his Pulp Fiction days (of course!). 

Prior to that I had been walking down the hall and met Gina who up to a few years ago was Greg (I think all of her surgeries are complete now) Gina was walking down the hall with her former male self Greg- we were in a school and headed different ways. 

Before I saw either of them I had accidentally walked into a boys bathroom where I told one of the boys to make it in the urinal before leaving to find the girl's bathroom I had been in search of in the first place. On my way out the door the boys got into a peeing fight in which I got spray- ack!

Heading down the hall after running into Gina/Greg the transgender person, I walked into a classroom that a concert was going on. I will spare you the (odd) details- I will just say it ended with the lady I was with getting thrown up on by the lead singer, and us having to leave so she could change her clothes. 

Which brings me back to where I was kissing John Travolta...... he must have been in the house we went to get new clothes at.

yeah..... dreams.....mine are odd.

p.s. I have not posted very many of my own photos because my laptop is in repair and I just do not want to add any more photos to the desktop (which is already an issue.....(1) that there are so many on desktop (2) I don't take the time to transfer them to the external hard drive) as soon as I get the laptop back I will be hopefully getting more of my own photos out there


Sailor said...

Funky dreams, indeed. Hope you get the laptop repaired soon!

Sandra said...

Mark said to me this morning, "strange dreams". I said, so you ever have anything other?

Rarely, but sometimes. I have very vivid dreams. He usually does. Yours sounds like a doozy.

Deb said...

a dream analyst would have a good time with that dream! if each person in the dream represents a part of yourself...what are you trying to say to you? And...were you enjoying the kiss with John Travolta before you were so rudely interrupted? Hope the day got better after getting up and out of bed...good coffee at least? Mwaah!