Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sunday thought stuck in my head

I'd rather believe in God and be wrong
Then not believe
Only to find out (too late) I was wrong

I have stopped attending church regularly.
It has nothing to do with my belief or lack of in God
I just find that I spend my time making 'to do' and 'grocery' lists during the service
We have a great pastor- very thought provoking, but I tend not to listen

I find my time better served with the kids and my husband that extra hour at home
But I do take my kids to Sunday School.
I guess at least there is a foundation there for them to build off from.
It can't hurt them. (after all I'm not bringing them to the Westboro Baptist Church )
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Mama Mayhem said...

I understand this so much... I can't take my kids to church anymore becuase it's the one day a week their dad gets them. I want them to have faith... so instead I make sure to prey every night and show them a the right choices just by being me.

Deb said...

Your grocery list during church comment reminded me of a time when I paid good money to attend a George Winston piano was beautiful music...but I was so frustrated because I couldn't stay awake during it...I kept nodding off! What I really needed was sleep. There are seasons in our lives where different things work for us and for our relationships...including the one with Him! Mwaah!