Saturday, April 18, 2009

Hide and Go Ewwwe!

The snow has melted (except for a few stubborn patches) and the shaggy dead rug of grass is showing. When this happens every Spring there is a week or two where things are just plain ugly. It is like bed head - but worse. Much like your hair would look if you had slept all winter with three feet of dirty snow on your head.

Anyway. Beside the dead ugly dirty grass there is the mess from the Winter and Fall that are now uncovered. Mostly garbage. It has been hiding under the layers of snow all winter - and now it has come out and Ewwwe!

Let me tell you this - the solution to pollution is not dilution! Things like plastic bottles, cans, cigarette butts, and shoes do not just disappear! (there are ALOT of people out there missing ONE shoe aren't there?! ) They do not dissolve into compost or evaporate into thin air.
I often wonder what possesses a person to throw their trash out the car window? Do they think someone else will pick it up? That it will magically disappear? Do they just not give a rats ass? Seriously...

I could take the time to compile stats and amaze you with facts. I could guilt you into promises you may or may not keep. I could sit here and give you all the reason by stating numbers or example of why this is so harmful, or prevalent. But, you are smart, you don't need that. In fact I am sure you don't trash the earth. But, there are people out there that are.

Earth Day is coming up. You know that. You also know there are things you can do. Are you doing them? Because YOU can do something.
Clean your block, your back yard
Buy recycle bins and start using them:
Separate your paper from your cans
Start a compost pile
Try to keep your trash down to a bag a week (if a family of 6 can do it, so can you)
Buy smart - Avoid things individually packaged
Look for things in enviro containers or recyclable containers
Think about it, you know what to do. You have heard it before. I don't need to keep nagging here.

However I would like you to consider one HUGE thing you can do that would have a profound impact on the earth-
use reusable grocery bags - stay away from the plastic bags. Pretend you just found out that using them will cause you cancer and exposure to them could cause a sudden death.... because that is what you are doing to the earth!

I am surprised if you can watch this video and not reconsider your choice of bag - I will eat a plastic bag - well, no, it would kill, me so ... but you get the point!

Sometimes you just need a reminder.

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julochka said...

i'm with you on this. seriously, what ARE people thinking when they throw their trash out the window? unbelievable. when i actually SEE someone do it, i want to chase them down and beat them to a pulp at the side of the road. i don't do that. but i want to.

and i ALWAYS take my own bags to the grocery store--we have a whole array of canvas ones--i even keep at least one in the car for exactly that purpose.

our community makes us recycle. we have a green bin and a regular bin and we separate everything. it's awesome.

leah - moxiethrift on etsy said...

i hate litter. hate. even before it was cool to be green...even before i really knew what recycling was...way back in grade school i remember getting so irritated at my friends that would throw stuff out car windows. it. simply. makes. no. sense.

Missy said...

I so agree! Trash is taking over the world! I do not understand what people are thinking when dumping their trash! I have my Earth Day T-shirt and am planning trees and picking up trash with my son's class!

Adan said...

this is for earth day!

Happy Earth Day

Sandra said...

I was around for the first earth day, in my birkenstocks! Where I live you really need to want to recycle. We came from the city which had curbside pickup. Out here in the country we have to haul it in ourselves, which we have done for the entire time we have lived here. I don't have canvas bags, but the store I go to allows you to reuse the paper bags, so I do.

We got our lawn raked yesterday and are having a little sprinkle today. It's sort of green. : )

Deb said...

Wow! Great Video! Loved your "pretend the bags cause cancer" thought! Will spend today cleaning up my yard too! xxoo