Friday, April 24, 2009

Freedom, Fun, Fresh Air - Pictures

Yesterday we blew off all responsibilities and headed to the State Park. Here is some pics from our morning.... as you requested:
As we headed down the trail
we were in search of
fresh air
pic by A. Nelson
Picture taking opportunities abound

pic by A.Nelson
I heard this guy before I saw him.

pic by me
While waiting for my turn to snap pics of the porcupine
I noticed this sweet beauty.
Warming itself in the sunlight.
pic by me
The ice is not quite off from the lake.
Ice doesn't just melt from the lakes,
it sinks,
breaks apart
washes up.

pic by me
These ice chunks can be beautiful but dangerous.
As the wind blows and the waves lap these hunks
of ice can push the shoreline into 5 foot heaves of dirt
they can break apart buildings on the shore, and destroy
anything in it's way.

I then asked Amy to take some pics of me. Since I am the one who holds the camera most often, I don't really have any pictures of myself.

This is what followed:
Love the mix/match outfit? What was that?

I have been known to have some
attitude :)

Ok, now this is getting silly

That one is for you Julie and Sabin

Well, we kissed the park good-byeExhausted from the fun and fresh air
we headed home for a rest,
luckily I made home
before I crashed!


Alicia @ boylerpf said...

Love these is so cool to actually see the person behind the posts. Julie & Sabin must know you did a good jump shot in basketball..take a gander at the air under those feet! How lucky were you to see a porcupine? I've never seen one in real time..

Amy said...

Julie I must say thank you - I really feel like I can't thank you enough. I had such a great time and I needed the break. You are a fabulous friend and very good for the soul.

Sandra said...

Love, love, LOVE the photos! A porcupine, wow. I also have never seen one.

Polly said...

Great pictures! Especially that series of you, you really look like you were having fun. I'm glad spring finally arrived in Minnesota.

julochka said...

love, love, love the jump shot!!

and who knew porcupines would get up in a tree? you need to send that one here to take care of those mutant pine cones!!

Adrienne said...

I love the porcupine! I've only seen them in zoos.

Adan said...

saw the jump shot....only thing going through my head was.....

click here


Nice photos!

dadshouse said...

Those are wonderful pics. Reminds me of a post-divorce girlfriend I had - she was my favorite hiking partner. I hike with my kids, but I miss feminine energy!

Memories Of Mine said...

The ice looks so cold yet the sun light looks so lovely and warm. It looked like a great day to be out and about.

Laura Doyle said...

Awesome adventure! I've never seen a porcupine!!! How weird...they look half beaver, half groundhog. And they climb trees?

My word verify is "chomp". : D

Kacie said...

great pictures! looks like you had a really fun day!!

Delwyn said...

Hello Jules,
Walking this walk with you was a nice counterbalance to my walk in the subtropics.
I liked the porcupine in the tree and the ice debris is amazing too.
Thanks for taking us along.
Happy Days