Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ask Jules

This blog was started at Christmas time for my friend Amy. She has not so gently reminded me of this fact when I denied her wish for a post idea. Since my true friends are few and far between I suppose I had best keep her request, for fear of hurting her feelings, (or her hacking in here and spilling all my secrets!)

So, here is her request via comment on this post --->
Amy said...

When are you going to do an ASK JULES blog? You have so much to offer in the way of good advice (in your witty way) the blogging world deserves an ASK JULES week. I don't know what I would do without your advice daily - you always have such insight into any situation. I am going to go on a hunger strike until you do an ASK JULES blog week.

There you have it. I think I am full of hot air and unused book education, life experience, and an extreme amount of time studying human behavior. However, she feels like I give good advice.

Ask me what you want (play along for her sake - I do not want the secrets spilled!)

P.S. Keep it clean - my mom will read this ;) Or, maybe not, maybe she will learn something ! (just kidding mom! kind of)


Just Jules said...

You all should know before submitting your questions that I am
1) brutally honest
2) sometimes harsh
3) to the point
4) I will tell you what I think - not what I think you want to hear.

Did I scare you? if not ask away

Deb said...

Ha! yes you are! And I love all of those things about you! so dear Jules, my question is: "How do I get rid of my fear of snakes?" See today's blog (which I'm going to write after I sign up for G-mail. xxx ps love love the photo of you and your beautiful blue eye!

Candy's daily Dandy said...

ok Jules,
How does one deal with a horrible ex-husband? We have children so I HAVE to deal with him to an extent, but he is a deviant and a liar and I wish her would dry up and blow away.

Was that too heavy? Sorry.

Sandra said...

Yep, scared me off! I hope spring has found you finally. : )

Amy said...

Thank you for finally doing this post. Here is my question:

Is it wrong to have a bachalorette party after ten years of marriage - if you never had one in the first place - also is it pathetic to plan it yourself?

Alicia @ boylerpf said...

Well, Amy was right...I do enjoy your thinking and one of the reasons I tune into your blog everyday. Always something to be learned. I'm thinking of a question....back when I can come up with one. Great picture of you and your eye...good graphic composition!

math guy, dock guy said...

How do we stop world hunger?

(just curious.)


Amy said...

I love your sense of humor math guy dock guy - but if anyone could figure it out it would be Jules. Here is another question for her:

I have this job and my boss is always adding things to my to do list. I already have a million things on my list. I am having trouble getting anything done because as I start something, a customer will come in and need help or want something from me. I lose focus so quickly and then can't get back on track or get needed tasks accomplished - instead I do things like visit my friend's blog.

Kathy B! said...

I'm going to stand back and see how this all nets out since I am new over here:) I am checking out the other Hot Mamas... Are you going to post that award pic on your blog? My blog is fairly G-rated and the pic is kinda PG-13!

Seaside Girl said...

Should I even bother packing shorts for my holiday next week given the unpredictability of the British weather?

Anonymous said...

Where are the answers to these questions? I would like to read your advice to these people. I love your pic of your beautiful blue eye.

Just Jules said...

I will be posting all answers in a separate post on Friday morn. Still time to get your question in.

Mari Mansourian said...

ok, so how do we stop that little voice in our head that's constantly nagging us about not getting around to doing all that we set out to do that day... it drives me nuts.

Jacquelyn Vranicar said...

When are you going to do a blog solely dedicated to making a marriage "successful"? (Or did I miss it?) I think it would be great for people to read.