Thursday, May 14, 2009

Random Thoughts and Pictures

Taking lead from Julochka's at (Moment's of Perfect Clarity) post from last night--->
I am listing my own random thoughts with random pictures from the North Shore/Duluth, MN / Lake Superior.

1) There should not be a humming bird frozen to my pine branch because it is cold and snowing in May

2) I hate house work, yet love the way it feels in the kitchen when I actually wipe things down and under things....instead of just a brisk wipe around.

McCarthy Beach State Park
Minnesota, North Shore

3) Groceries are getting so expensive and the kids are eating more, we will just have to give up something --like eating, then hey, no cooking which means no meal planning!

4) On the idea of groceries.... I have to shop at Walmart despite the fact that they are Satan - when I buy 20 yogurts at a time and they are $0.50 in Walmart hell vs $0.77 at local grocer. Same goes for all other things - a difference of at least $50 a trip - sorry, open the gates of hell, here I come!

Ship loading docks
At sunset
Two Harbors, MN

5) House work wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't so quickly reversed, or if it wasn't unending. A logger would quit his job if every time he cut down a tree it jumped back up on the stump and affixed itself only for him to have to cut it down again and again.....

6) Did my neighbor cover his tomato plants he put in two days ago (far too early for this area) since it froze HARD last night? I told him......

7) How long can dearest keep up this unbelievable schedule and not a) crash (b) end up going a bit crazy (c) completely lose it and throw someone in the lake (d) get sick

Grand Marais, MN
Lake Superior
Family shot

8) Whom ever made my new land line phone aught to have their eardrums pierced due to the annoying ring tones they put on there - what is wrong with an old fashion ring? I don't do tunes or computer notes -ugggg!

9) Where has my time management gone? Or is it my motivation. I wish they sold it, I'd buy some!

Rock climbing in Esko, MN -
at tree top level, stuck on a "ceiling"
I did make it up...

10) I have commitment issues. I follow far more blogs then I am "following". I routinely follow each and every blog of people following me (once every other week I suppose) and go to the same blogs over and over - this does pose problems in finding the same people again and again. I know there are some blogs I used to really enjoy and have forgotten about them now, because I couldn't commit to clicking on the little follow box. I can pinpoint exactly who and where these issues came from....damn them! At the same time I have a hard time un-following a blog. sigh But, now you know.


~Thought's By Dena~/ JDs Gift Shack said...

love your list of random thoughts so many of them I actually sat here thinking in my head...."oh I know what you mean!!" and thanks for sharing such great pics!!!

julochka said...

i hear you on the followers thing..i don't follow lightly. and am actually feeling guilty for not dropping by much these week on those i do follow. i, on the other hand, have actually unfollowed a couple lately. if someone says they're on an "eat clean" diet and that actually means that they don't buy any prepared food (which means that they are eating a NORMAL diet), i can't go there time is too precious.

and i'm with you on the housework.

but would starve to avoid wal-mart (i know it's easy for me to say when i have only the one child and don't live within a continent of one..), but i do understand your need to go there. and of course, i have been there myself, but my dad has never set foot in one, a fact of which i am extremely proud.

TheChicGeek said...

Look at you rock climbing woman, super nature girl :D I'm impressed! LOL

I know what you mean about the's hard to visit everyone all the time like we'd like to.
Have a Happy Day, Jules!

Jennifer and Sandi said...

I am so PRO-Walmart. My favorite grocery store.

- Jennifer

Seaside Girl said...

No. 5 - absolutely spot on. I couldn't agree more!

Missy said...

I had an Oprah moment with number 5. That is so true! I hate house cleaning especially when the kids just go and mess it all over again! So love #5!

Sandra said...

I can't say much because I'm not in your shoes, but WalMart is the devil. I have never crossed their threshold. But I don't have 6 people to feed.

I have been reluctant to say this on my blog, so I'll say it on yours, I don't get the need to have so many people following. I like followers, but I don't actively seek them. Much better, for me, when they sort of meander in. When I follow a blog that gets bogged down in "you're great", I move on. No one cares that I do though. : )

I have made it very clear where I stand on housework. It is a worthless enterprise that a little foot sweeping can take care of.

Catherine said...

Wal-mart is indeed a necessary evil. Living in 'small town' Saskatchewan, I don't have a lot of choices on where to shop! Going to Wal-mart is like making a deal with the Devil every day!!! sigh... In blogging followers, I love to check out new sites (hence how I found your most enjoyable blog)and sometimes, just like how you lose track of dear friends, you stop going to old favorites to enjoy new favorites for awhile. But I watch very little TV which gives me more computer time on reading my favorites!!! :-)

Janet said...

All wonderful observations! Love your analogy in #5!!! That might be the key in getting the men in our lives to understand!?!

Deb said...


Adaptable Kay said...

Thanks for sharing your random thoughts :D
Those are the best aren't they!?
I think I may need do that one day.
Those pictures are absolutly amazing!!
I love the one of you rock climbing-Ive tried and I get stuck at about, oooh two feet up. Lol

Jacquelyn Vranicar said...

Houseowrk- I have no idea how two people who are at work all day can make the house such a mess. I can't image tripling that!

Polly said...

I know what you mean about the followers. I have only 43 and I feel like blog is totally taking over my life. I can't catch up!

I love that rock climbing shot! I wish we had good rocks in London area, all I can do is go to climbing centre. I love outdoor climbing!!!!!

Alicia @ boylerpf said...

Whoa...look at you rock climbing!! That would take so much effort to just get my derrier into the harness!

I hear you on Walmart too but I am sure by the crowd, that they never have sales on time management there. I'd be walking through the door to Walmart hell right along with you if they did!

Adrienne said...

I have the same conflict with Walmart - I hate feeling forced to shop there, but how can you not?
I love the random thoughts posts...I'll have to do one :)