Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I'm Leaving On a Jet Plane..... Just the facts

I spilled it yesterday.
Just the facts:
::I am going to Las Vegas.
::I leave on Halloween morning.
::I will be in Vegas Halloween night.
::I am going with my friend.
::We are staying five nights
::My husband is amazing and is going to tend to the house, family, and job while I am gone.
::I am very nervous
::I have only gone to Colorado on my own - and I lived there, it doesn't count
::I think my suitcase is too heavy, it is not suppose to weigh > 50lbs
::There is a $15 / suitcase charge now
::I brought a few risque outfits
::My Halloween costume is a tad showy (see pic below)
::I am bringing my own pillow (I can't sleep without a feather pillow)
::I hate the new regulations for liquids while traveling
::I am wearing boots knowing full well I will have to take them off during security
::I am going to the PBR World Finals on Sunday

::We are going to the show Zumanity
::We have tickets for Let's Make a Deal, whether we go or not remains to be seen
::Eating at fancy places is not high on our list of musts
::Sleeping and relaxing are #1 and #1 on our must do list
::I am excited
::I am worried my friend will not pull it together in time for us to leave
(between work, kids, vehicle, packing, clothes, money, etc... it is getting down to the wire)
::I don't remember how to actually "do" my hair and make up when I have time - not rushed
::My mom/family probably thinks I am nuts, and doesn't understand why I am not going with my hubby (although someone has to stay here and hold down the fort, because she nor anyone else is going to come and stay here for 6 days so we both can go)
::I hope to meet Queen of Homer and Queen
::I am going to meet Shelle - from Venus vs Mars and BlokThoughts
::It was 48 degrees in Vegas today
::It was 45 degrees in Bemidji today
::It is forecasted to be 80ish next week in Vegas
::It is forecasted to be 30-40ish in Bemidji next week.
::Food is a lot more expensive then I expected it to be there
::Is there such things as free drink there anymore?
::I will miss all of you
::I could still use a few more guest posters. I have Ali, Adam, Fragrant Muse, and you?

Dearest says I look like a slutty bug... so be it! I will never have this opportunity again. I am 36, not dead :) Trick or Treat


rxBambi said...

Halloween in Vegas by yourself and your friend?! What fun! Remember it all stays in Vegas!

Gaia said...

Whoa and the kids will not be there! Have fun, how often do you get this chance for a complete ME time.

Deb said...

Have a wonderful time dear friend. I'll miss you but am so glad you get this time for you! Enjoy!

Liz Fulcher, The Fragrant Muse said...

I am SO jealous. And your costume is adorable. We're getting pics, right? Don't worry about anything, including your blog. Just go and have the time of your life doing things you'd never tell you mother and eat and drink too much. You deserve it!

Will Burke said...

A MASSIVE kudos to your husband for not having his knickers in a twist over this! And kudos on your progress -- it seems like just last week, you felt guilty going to town to use a sauna! Relish the indulgence, and soak up some desert sun!

math guy, dock guy said...

One clarification: 6th one down is "Jobs" not "job".
Happy to do it. You will have a great time because you are fun and will make the most of it. I will miss you but excited to have you gone (only to have you return - wink wink.)

Big Blue House said...

NO your mom doesn't think you are nuts. I wish you were going with your hubby but I know it is hard when you have family, jobs etc to juggle. Am surprised you are going to be gone for so long. Most people are ready to come home after a few days there.
Seriously, I know you will have a great time and can't wait to hear all about it when you get home.

Love you more and stay safe!! There are a lot of "different" people out there.

Anonymous said...

Be sure and take your shades. The lights are blinding I hear . . .

Lorac said...

All the best on your trip! Have a blast . And what goes on in Vegas.....Stays in Vegas!

Adan said...

ok! can't wait for pictures and stories!

rock the shit out of vegas.

i have found that planning to eat at fancy places can be difficult, i prefer the anthony bourdain approach. street food is amazing and so are those hole in the wall dives.


Big Blue House said...

What is up with this
"What goes on in Vegas....Stays in Vegas"? What do you mean by that? It is as if you are encouraging someone to do bad things just because they are in 'Vegas'. I know it is just an ad but a dumb one. You are, who you are and just because someone is in Vegas doesn't mean they should or would change while you are there. I don't like the ad on TV either so just stop saying it.

Indiri Wood said...

The costume is very cute and if I could get away with it I totally would wear it too. Just make sure you take pics for husband.

Have fun!

Just Jules said...

ha! mom, you sound like such a mom. What that saying means is - have fun, a little more then you could around a town full of people who know you as a teachers wife. Don't worry while doing so because it isn't going to get around that Math Guy's wife was drinking and dancing until the bar closed and he wasn't with .... You can have fun (as much as you allow yourself) and it isn't frowned upon.

Meagan said...

when i went for my bachelorette party a friend was able to get us on a list at Tao (one of the best night clubs) for open bar. email me at if you are interested I can get the info to you. margaritaville has great cheap food. roxy's diner in stratosphere is good food, entertaining and reasonable. Yolo's at planet hollywood was delicious and they take reservations. Check out for other great spots! Have an amazing time!

Big Blue House said...

I do realize that but it is just a dumb saying. Your brother has gone to Vegas 2 to 3 times without his wife. You should call him for places to go etc. See if he likes the saying. HA

Tracie said...

Nice costume! Have fun but not TOO much fun!

Adaptable Kay said...

Have a FABULOUS and safe trip! Man am I jealous-I've always wanted to go to Vegas and your going on HALLOWEEN! Geeez, your going to have to blog all about it when you get back :D

P.s. That costume is SO cute!!

Anonymous said...

Party Las Vegas - - Party Las Vegas

Sandra said...

I much prefer, What happens in Vegas ends up on the blog! I don't need to tell you to have a good time, but I will anyway.

Alicia @ boylerpf said...

Oh what fun! A night out on the town...what am I saying FIVE nights! Have a great time & don't worry...the kids and Dearest will still be back home!

julochka said...

being a slutty bug is good.

i wore a really see-thru dress once in reno. but i had spectacular underwear on under it. i think nevada makes you do those things. luckily, what happens in vegas, stays in vegas. :-)

have a great time!!!

Eliane Zimmermann said...

the irish airlines also charge 15 euro per suitcase. our aupair from brazil had not known about that, spent a few days in london before coming to us and had to pay a "fine' more than 5 x that price. that's how cheap arefares are financed by 'ignorants'. and if you don't read the terms and conditions every now and then you will have a new surprise every now and then, even as a frequent flyer. ryanair was discussing a toilet entrance fee so in the future you better go to the ladies room before boarding!