Friday, October 30, 2009

More Monkeys

I love this.
I can't even remember whose blog
I stole it off from anymore.
But, if it was you - thanks!

I have been finding new and wonderful friends out in the blog world along with keeping up with my old. I have become a horrible commentor and I apologize for this. But, I am reading - I am.

Today (Friday) I am finishing up things for my trip -
::prepping Halloween stuff
::final packing check
::pre-cooking some food
::cleaning out van
::getting carry on ready
::hoping to research a bit more on what to do while in Vegas

Thank you to my contributors for next week. I love the blog world and how new and old friends step up to help. Stop by and show them some love next week.

Unlike my Colorado trip, I will not be able to update regularly. Most likely I will not be able to update at all until I get back. I will not have a computer and the hotel charges for internet access anyway (something like $15 a day) plus, really, do you want me hanging out in the room blogging instead of out enjoying? I thought not~!

Alright off I go. I will have a fun saying up tomorrow, my scripture post on Sunday and then guests next week.

Miss me. Jules

OHHHH, I almost forgot! I am featured today at the Eclectic Element - not sure what I did to deserve that honor, but am thrilled just the same. Go see.


Deb said...

I posted about monkeys too! do-do-do-do (insert twilight-zone theme song here)!

Big Blue House said...

Have a GREAT time my girl. I miss you already.

Oh, I opened your blog today and got a radio station that plays the whole time I have your blog up. Is that supposed to happen or did a virus get attached. I didn't click on anything.

Big Blue House said...

Am I one of the people you just don't need them or their crap??????

Trooper Thorn said...

I have some monkeys to rent cheap.

Mari Mansourian said...

have a safe and fun trip :))