Saturday, October 17, 2009

Spinning in Circles

Can you hear that?


Me either......

That is because there is dead silence. My house is perfectly quiet except for the noise I make.

The whole of my family is gone. It is me, two cats, and a dog here. I can hear the various tickings of clocks (none of which are in sync) My own breathing seems to echo off the walls.

I have big plans for the weekend. It is time to winterize. The sun was suppose to shine and the temps were going to be near 60 degrees. I was hoping things would dry out and I would be able to put them away before more snow flies. There is lawn furniture, and flower pots to tend to and store, water fountains and bird bathes. Hoses need to be blown out so the freezing water does not expand and destroy as only mother nature can. The garden needs to be cleaned out- vines and plants, frozen and black, hang and sprawl like corpses left to rot. Scoop shovels need to replace sandbox shovels and toys. The list goes on and on.

However the sun is not shining and the rain is mixing with more snow. What to do? So much to do that I find my self spinning in circles; starting one project and moving onto the next I spot before the first one (or three) are finished.

I focused on inside things yesterday- rotating summer clothing for winter, adding blankets to the beds, switching light airy pajamas for heavy flannel ones, etc. I even tried to resolve a computer problem since I could focus on just that and the support personnel(still left unresolved)

But what to do today? Pray for a change in the weather? forge on through the rain? continue to work on the items concerning the inside of the house? go grocery shopping?

Maybe I will have one more cup of coffee and just listen to .... nothing.

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Big Blue House said...

Sorry we had to break your silence. I wished we didn't have to because silence is wonderful. I have a hard time getting motivated during my silent times because it is so wonderful just to sit with another cup of coffee and enjoy it. However, Wee one 2 will not make much noise. When one is sick, you want nothing more than to be home with your mom, well at age 8 anyway. I trully think when you are sick, you would NOT want to be home with your mom. I promised Wee one 2 that she could come one weekend all by herslef and we would do some fun things together. I would like to teach her to sew, knit etc. We were going to make cloth pumpkins today but I will send home her stuff and she can make it there. Good luck with the rest of the weekend and I hope you get done as much as you want!!!!! Love you more.

Deb said...

Time for 'Plan B!'

Will Burke said...

Ya posted a mirror! I just put away the patio furniture & BBQ, brewed a coffee, and am sitting in a quiet house! Just me, two cats, and the dog! I'm gonne use the quiet time to write, but had to see if there was any news from the Blog community. So cheers, my dear doppleganger!

Chief said...

Holy Shit...the noise at my house is deafening!

I am on my way over.

Mari Mansourian said...

how about just enjoying the silence???

Missy said...

Silence scares me! I haven't experienced it in so long! Enjoy!

Vodka Logic said...

I go for the last one... and maybe a nap xx

Gaia said...

I yearn for some peace and quiet sometimes, but when I do get it, I feel the empty nest syndrome. yucks can't imagine when my boy grows up and have his own life.

Tracie said...

I'vw been alone this weekend too. Sadly, I haven't accomplished anything.