Monday, May 10, 2010

Woodshed Wisdom

There are some things I was thinking about as I split wood on Mother's Day. I started telling these bits of knowledge to my daughter as she watched me work. I realized I was spouting off some pretty good "Woodshed Wisdom" I ran to get a piece of paper - good thoughts are rare these days, wouldn't want to let them go to waste!

A lot of what holds true to logs seems to hold true to people:

* Anything will break if you hit it in the right spot

*The logs that are the hardest to deal with are those that are spoiled rotten inside

*Letting go at just the right time is key to not getting hurt

*Read a log before trying to split it- it will tell you where to hit- much like people

*If you are too tired to do the job it is near impossible

*Start with the biggest, hardest logs- you will be too tired at the end to split them.
Conquer the toughest task first

*If you keep your eye on the target and swing hard you won't miss. Closing your eyes or being hesitant will lead to failure.

*Use momentum

*A log much like a family- is strongest where all it's branches come together.

*You have to work around a knot, you can not break it.

*The base of a tree is toughest for it has the most experience/years on it.

Manual labor can give a person perspective

Warning- You are about to see my "mom pants" also known as my work jeans.... they keep everything where it is suppose to be.

Yes, logs were hurt in the making of this slideshow- deal with it!

Pictures taken by Addie with Nikon D60
in three separate attempts (to get the whole sequence)


Anonymous said...

that is WICKED SEXY!


Anonymous said...

I have never said "wicked sexy" before but its what came to my head!


Anonymous said...

Holy cow J thats freakin awesome right there. He;; I see how you can make some serious dough! I'd damn sure pay to watch that! I don't even have a fire place! I live in the tropics!

Go Girl!

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah! Good wisdom! Very good advice! Or takes or thoughts or observations!

Word Ver. Wailin (is that what your shoulders were doing when you were done?)

Anonymous said...

Shhhhh don't tell Jules I pointed this out but if you act the fool around there she might go all Lizzy Borden up in there!

Anonymous said...

Holy Dung Beetle, Wood Splitter chick!

You need to chop and sell the wood and get y'all some plumbing in doors! Thatsa privy right there behind you ain't it?

How did you end up with a digi-cam and not be able to tinkle in the house??

Just Jules said...

Alright Sir Sage..... I am not coming after you with my splitting maul (it is not an axe- ala Lizzy style)

I have indoor "facilities" they are just a long way away and once a mom goes in the house she is never getting back out "mommmm I need you...."

My shoulders did not hurt - use the momentum...remember

I should charge for that show.

Are you drunk ;)

Just Jules said...

Oh, and I'll take the wicked sexy comment - I mean come on! who wouldn't!

f8hasit said...

Splitting logs can beat gym workouts anyday!

Loved the warning about the 'mom jeans'. HA!

Danielle said...

Wow, I wouldn't want to mess with you tough chick!

Deb said...

Cool show! Tell Addie she's hired...And yes, very impressive splitting! I'm looking for my momentum today....Mwaah!

Sandra said...

I'm very impressed. I want you on my team. And you are right, the woodshed wisdom is great.

leah - moxiethrift on etsy said...

i totally love the photo sequence! and the mom jeans bit....funny stuff. remember the mom jeans skit on saturday night live? one of the true classics!

Candice said...

Very sound advice I think.

McGillicutty said...

love the advice... very profound!!! and the slideshow... looks like it could be very therapeutic. Great post!!!!

Amy said...

Someone please come scrape me up off the floor where I lay laughing my #ss off! Sage using the term wicked sexy almost made me pee myself. Jules you rock and are the toughest chick I know (even though I could totally take you out any day - after you wore yourself out running).

Anonymous said...

Well I sure am glad I could tickle your pickle!

Wicked sexy is an accurate description!

Just Jules said...

Amy - I still think he was drunk ;)

will said...

Work on your technique - first, stand straighter. Keep your hands closer to the end of the handle and perhaps stand a bit closer to the log section. You shouldn't be so bent over when the piece is split. Also, the height of the log section is too high. Lower it - even to ground level and the maul will hit with more force.

Finally, gloves are a terrific accessory and some people also wear safety glasses.

Big Blue House said...

Way to go girl!!!! Remember the first time you split wood? It was when dad had his surgeries on his wrists and you and I split and carried in wood for the stove because he couldn't. You had a very versatile background when you were growing up. By the way, what are 'mommie' jeans? Love you more.