Monday, September 19, 2011

Oh just stop it- calm down and try to stay real!

(people are getting on my nerves lately)

I understand teaching morals and values and having a sense of who you are and passing that on to your children.....but I am wondering if some people are getting a bit too carried away.

(insert cute cartoon of guy w/ ripped pants- blogger is getting on my nerves too it appears!)

Case in point (I have several, but will stick with this one) I had to run a new pair of jeans into my teacher husband this morning because the back side of the pair he had on ripped (about two inches.   from the side of the pocket and down) nothing showed- he tucked his shirt in further to cover anything and called me. I was there by the end of class.  He was changed and fine before the next class period.

He is certain he will get a phone call from the principle on the issue.

Because some student will go home and blow this up to their parents.  Instead of the parent saying- wow! that must have been embarrassing for Mr. S. they will call the school and file a complaint. 

I mean come on people!  Haven't we got a bit crazy?  His brand new pants tear after he leaves for his school day.  It is an honest mishap, and that is all (one that was resolved quickly)  He was not trying to cause undo harm to any students.  Calm down and let's stay real here!

As I said- I am wondering if some people are getting a bit too carried away.
What do you think??? 

Comment Anon if you want, but I'd like to hear your opinion


Sandra said...

I hope he is wrong on this. I would hate to find out it has truly gotten this bad.

Anonymous said...

Nothing surprises me anymore when it comes to people...

Sailor said...

I too, hope he's wrong; however, I'm not optimistic, my guess is he's 100% correct :(

Yes, to answer the question, we go wayyyy too far on things like this.

Jeff said...

This is how I feel about the subject...Those who are so politically correct that they know what is good for others and must cast the first stone better have darn good aim because if they miss... that stone is coming right back at them...and I have pretty good aim.