Thursday, January 19, 2012

Chasing Chikadees (with a 40 below windchill)

Good frosty morning to you and yours. I woke this morning to a phone call (6am) from the school district telling me school was 2 hrs late but teachers (my husband) had to report on time. Well he had long since gone to the gym. I ran around the house and turned the kids' alarms off with hopes that they would sleep in a bit and crawled back into bed. When I finally emerged from the cocoon that was my bed I ventured outside (only to feed and water the chickens) along the way I decided to snap a few shots. Birds don't have the option of sleeping in and wandering to the fridge for a quick snack to go with their coffee. They have to get up and get to work to survive. The have to persevere and the colder it is the more so this is true. Conditions may not be ideal but they continue to work to survive and when Summer rolls around they again will be singing their happy tunes.

 If you want to eat you have to work for it
Even if the conditions are not ideal
We could learn something from birds

 Coming in for a landing

 White Breasted Nuthatch

 Fancy meeting you here

 I'm going in

 This little guy found a patch of sunlight

 Sitting in the sun, trying to warm
Against a cold blue grey sky

 A finch stopped by to say hi. The best way to attract finch to your yard is to serve up Thistle Seed

See, it really was cold out there this morning
I came in and my right hand ached from the cold and my cheeks stayed rosy for an hour
But that is what Minnesotans do- challenge the weather 
(and we even win sometimes)


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ConTemplate said...

Sharp photos! Nice job. I always loved watching Cardinals on our snowy bird feeder when I lived in the cold. Now I can enjoy your pics while staying warm here in So Cal.

That screen shot of your weather forecast just makes me shake my head ... "-22, feels like -38." Brrrrrrr.