Friday, January 20, 2012

Food tastes better when it's pretty (or when your kids aren't crying that they don't like it)

Eating is something I enjoy far more during the Winter vs Summer.   With the sun sitting so low in the Winter sky the beams cast a glow on my counter top right around lunchtime.  This makes my food look that much prettier (plus it helps that there are not 4 kids running by saying "I'm starving, I'm going to die, When can we eat?, I don't liiiiiiike egg stuff, can I have your orange?)

Lunch today- Egg Salad and oranges

Egg Salad Recipe:
4 hard boiled eggs sectioned
heaping kitchen Tbsp of mayo or miracle whip
(not the measuring kind, rather the eating kind)
a squirt of brown mustard
salt to taste
and a pinch of sugar (this is the secret ingredient)

Eat on toasted bread or bagel with a heap of fresh spinach and a tomato if you like (which I don't)


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Deb said...

mmm...I'll be right over! I'll bring the pepper grinder!