Sunday, January 1, 2012

Space for my (introvert) girlie -a tiny hideaway- it was easy

Left over tulle from a birthday party
Ribbon from gifts given by Debra at Sojourner
A set of butterfly wings left over from a Halloween costume years ago
Christmas lights straight off the tree
A staple gun from the garage
and about a half hour.

Now a trip to the store for a larger pillow and a fun fabric to cover the pillows in and we will be set. A hideaway for my girlie who just needs time away (from school, her 3 brothers, the world). I am not an introvert but I am trying to understand.


Just Jules said...

of course I had the loft to work with, that is always helpful.

Alfro said...

That is great....

Deb said...

I thought I recognized the white satin Ribbon! Your sweet girlie deserves this lovely retreat. Give her a big hug and kiss from me. Hope you get to share a few precious moments together in it too.