Sunday, March 1, 2009

Butterflies and Flowers

A recipe for quickly pulling together a birthday party for an 8 year old girl --->

Start with a complete lack of time due to Emergency hospitalizationAdd 9 yards of tulle in varying colors of choice (I chose bright pink, orange, and lime green)

Cover party tables with 2 plastic table clothes and paperware from dollar store.
Next quickly make gerber daisy and pinwheel flower pot/name tag holders for girly guests to bring home.
(4 flower pots/$1, floral foam and a rock in bottom of pot so they stop tipping over, fake gerber daisies and mini pin wheels - all from the dollar store wrap tulle around floral foam for finishing touch)

Decoration on the food table consisted of more fake flowers (and the two left over pin-wheels) added to a spide plant silk plant found at Wal-Mart.
Mix in these great butterflies found at Jo-Ann Fabrics. They are made out of feathers - my big splurg.
Note the little butterflies clipped onto the tulle- so sweet! Girly girl said it was like they were flying in a rainbow.
Finally - stop by your local Wal-Mart store and pick up food from their bakery section and produce department (luckily located side by side here) The breakfast menu for the party was a fruit tray, mini blueberry muffins, powdered mini donuts, and itty bitty cupcakes with bright frosting and sparkling grape juice.

You may top of the party with activities (since "8 year olds are too old to play baby games mom"
The girls made book marks and coffee filter butterflies. (supplies from Jo-Anns and Wal-Mart)
I'm thrilled because I pulled it all off in a day. Planning, buying and decoratine - phewww! I'm glad I workwell under pressure.
Girly is the one with pink wings and her back turned toward the camera....
Happy birthday my little survivor. She is a strong will, stubborn, literal, straight forward, tell it as it is, fiery girly girl.


TheChicGeek said...

Such a cute party :) I love butterflies myself. They are so beautiful and represent rebirth which is lovely. There's an amazing store on Captiva Island in Florida that has beautiful butterflies under glass from all over the world. I purchased a collection of them from Peru. When I look at them they always make me feel happy :)
Maybe party-planning is a career in the future for you? You never
Beautiful job, Mom! I bet your little ones loved it!

Marie said...

Happy Birthday Girly Girl!

Beautiful job with B-day decorations. Love it!! Very cute idea to have the butterflies in the tulle!!!! Cute how some of the girls have fairy wings (I wish I had a pair. Hehe!)

Just Jules said...

Yes the theme was butterflies and flowers so we had girls bring wings so they too could be butterflies.

Kacie said...

Very cute! Great job, Mom! :)

Basir Seerat's Photography. said...

wonderful posts

jaykbee said...

Welcome back, I missed you. Hope you are feeling one hundred percent. :))