Friday, March 20, 2009

I Didn't Graduate In The 21st Century

I felt old for the second time ever yesterday.
One of the "ladies" I am working with on our Mom's Night Out event which is tonight
(vendors, speakers, food, fashion show, fun sort of thing hosted for the mom's of early ed/preschool kids)
The story: As we were planning I mentioned that dearest could do something for us since the event will be held at the High School where he teaches (math). This gal asked who dearest was. Then stated, all so casually, that she never had him for a teacher.
What? Why would you have? He has only taught for 10 years in this town........
Then it hit me - of course he could have been her teacher - so came the question
"What year did you graduate?" I asked
"2004" she stated.
I felt old.


Sandra said...

Nah, she's just young!

TheChicGeek said...

If I ever complain about feeling old my mother reminds me how she feels having a daughter as old as me!'re young! Enjoy it!

Deb said...

I bet you haven't been asked if you qualify for the senior discount yet! Talk to me then! I can laugh about it now, and just say, "No, I just look old!" That usually gets the clerk laughing too!

Sandra said...

I qualify for the senior discount. : (

Just Jules said...

Yes, I am laughing. and Sandra you are right, she is young - really young! She has two kids too! But a wonderful gal all the same and she was so very helpful.