Saturday, May 16, 2009

How to Cheat on Your Husband

Oh the joy I find (all though it is probably sick and wrong)
In posting titles like these and then watching my site meter spike
You are all sick sick people - I love it!

I am actually talking about how to make a lovely breakfast with no effort, yet making it look like you have slaved away for your hard working hubby. It is a win win situation all around.


Go to the freezer section
Purchase frozen sweet bread dough
Defrost dough
Roll out into long narrow strip
Brush on melted butter
Sprinkle dough with brown sugar
Sugar and Cinnamon

Roll dough together
Twist long snake of dough and
Arrange on sprayed jelly roll pan into a semi circle
Let rise over night

Pop into oven (350 degree)
for 12-20 minutes
Until dough makes a "thumping"sound and is golden brown

Add powder sugar frosting

Smile sweetly at hubby as you offer him a big slice and a cup of coffee
He will think you toiled away...
instead of blogged all night quickly sneaking this in
(wink wink)


Seaside Girl said...

Brilliant title. Lovely breakfast. Lucky hubby.

Adan said...

I had many a breakfast like this one on my trip to europe as a young student. I am going to have to make this because it will bring back memories of a lifetime ago.

Janet said...

Pretty clever of you Jules! The breakfast and the title! Sounds like the making of a new club to me: The Cheating Bloggers. Everyone could post their secret tips. ;) have a good weekend!

Vintage Inspired Jewelry said...

Sounds yummy and a smiling husband to boot.

Anonymous said...

no bacon?
fry something for my breakfast!!!

Sandra said...

You are very clever, in many ways!

beth said...

you caught me....or at least your title did....add me to your "sick site meter" readers.....

thanks for making me laugh though !!!

TheChicGeek said...

Whew, I was worried, Jules...LOL
I knew with that fabulous husband of yours the title could not be true :)
Have a Happy Weekend!

Lorac said...

I would have had to get a husband to cheat on a husband but I was willing to go there! Nice recipe! I will try it next week for myself and Son

Stacey Childs said...

yum, love those! Also making savoury ones with tomato paste and ham and cheese and onion and herbs are yummy for afternoon tea!

Homer and Queen said...

Good idea but I'm with Sage...have to have bacon!

Adaptable Kay said...

Ha. Great idea on how to get people to click on the site! Lol
And may I say that looks AMAZING!
I'm hungry now >.<

Anonymous said...

Wow was I worried when I read your title. I am feeling better after reading your story. I am glad you have the energy to do the little things that it takes to make a marriage stronger especially when you don't see each other much this time of year. I am sure he had a smile in his heart the rest of the day and thought about you often.

Alicia @ boylerpf said...

You definitely piqued my curiosity! I thought this might have been an answer to someone's Ask Jules question! Looks like a great breakfast.