Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Blessing - Mealtime

Bless our friends,
Bless our food.
Come, O Lord and sit with us.
May our talk
Glow with peace;
Come with your love to surround us.
Friendship and love
May they bloom and grow,
Bloom and glow forever.
Bless our friends, Bless our food, Bless us all forever.


Will Burke said...


Deb said...

That did bless me this morning...Blessings to you all too.

Vodka Logic said...

As Will said lovely

Deb said...

Came across G's childhood dinner blessing from the Waldorf School:

Earth who gave us all this food...
Sun who made it ripe and good..
Dear Sun, Dear Earth, by you we live,
Our loving thanks to you we give.
(Christian Morgenstern)

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