Sunday, January 3, 2010


this mornings temp

The wicked plot against the righteous
and gnash their teeth at them;
but the Lord laughs at the wicked,

for he knows their day is coming.

Psalm 37:12


Vodka Logic said...

I just hope that day is Warm...

I don't know the temperature here but it is cold and windy.

Ann On and On... said...

It's cooollllddd here too. Time to grab a few warm blankets. :D

Anonymous said...

thats not that cold really.
Here its cold, like in the 30's. Long sleeved shirt weather!

Just Jules said...

Sage, you must have missed the negative sign in from of the 32. So that is NEGATIVE 32 degree - this does not include the wind chill.

But, you best grab a sweatshirt too just to be sure. whoos

Anonymous said...

Wy you gotta call wooos on me for? Its a different kinda cold here! Sheeesh

32 here is like -100 centigrade!

Yeah I guess it ain't wife beater weather!

Just a note, the verification word is fruitty, like you!


Evonne said...

Brrr. It's cold here, too. Right now it's 8 and probably a lot colder when the wind blows. I'm not looking forward to leaving the house today.

Just Jules said...

Sage - Negative 148 Fahr. I don't think so. You don't know wind chill till you come here. still calling whoos.

Evonne - that is stille 20 some degrees warmer then it is here right now.

Just sayin.

Anonymous said...

wind chill schmind chill.

Thats for sissies. Go skinny dipping, thats what tough folks would do! thats what we do @ 148 below far.!

Just Jules said...

We do go swimming.

Anonymous said...

I don't see your pics? Post them please. Just go to the lake now and have Math Dood take the skinny dipping pics and come on back and post them.

We'll wait.

Just Jules said...

buahhahahhaaaaaa -
You challenge me?

You first Mr. bazillion degrees below Far. freezing.

If I can see you in a swim suit outside right now. I will get mine on and stand in the snow and take a pic.

Oh - can't go swimming until they chop a hole through the 18 inches of ice on the lake big enough to jump in.

Anonymous said...

Now Mrs. Pretty Smile, you know good and well I don't own any shortie britches. I can't just be whoopin my stuff out in the yard right now. Sheeesh
I need to get online and order me one of them speedos I reckon.

Just Jules said...

Alright - you get some swim shorts (shorts not bikini - geeeez - *shudder) and post that pic and I will follow suit.

Anonymous said...

we usually just get nekkid and jump in but I can't post those pics, sheeeesh RQ and GC and IS magazines would wear me out with requests.

Just Jules said...

Redneck Quarterly has competition ? Who? GC and IS....who?

Anonymous said...

that was sposed to be GQ and IS

IS= International Stud


Just Jules said...

Oh gahhhh... I got nothing
(probably cuz I am laughing too hard) Let me know when that spread comes out. I'll go to the store and search down the 'zine. Although I could only get RQ online I suppose

Anonymous said...

I won't come out, I hide my sexiness behind fat and never post real pics just ones that make me look heavy duty so those folks dont sweat me endlessly!

If I go full monty there will be no way to fake the fatness!

Chief said...

WOW! What a miserable temperature!

I would totally hibernate!