Thursday, January 7, 2010

Photo A Day

I have been invited to join in the 365 day project. I am working on getting into my flickr account (when you forget your password and have it sent to your email address, it does you no good when you no longer have the alternate email address that they send it to).

I am falling fast behind while dealing with this S.N.A.F.U. .

So on January 7th I present my first photo of the day. In honor of Julochka who invited me to join in this pic is straight off the camera unaltered.

NOW - if you want to laugh go read THIS.


Indiri Wood said...

so glad you're joining in the fun!

Anonymous said...

I thought Iwas the only one who ever forgot there pass word, lol

great pic;)

Deb said...

absolutely gorgeous!

Vodka Logic said...

Great picture and good luck posting every day.

And thanks for the link that was funny..

Adan said...

lolololol loved the link to coachdad. also, good luck w/ the 365 project