Friday, July 24, 2009

Garden - Picture Post

I gave myself a blog-cation. The last few days (although I only told you about it yesterday).
With the pressure off I went outside this morning. Surprise! although it has been cool all (Friggin') summer things are still growing. The garden appears a month behind. Which in our region means that most things won't be ripe before the frost. But, it still teaches the kids how food grows and where it comes from
(not a package from the store, but it originated rather in the ground)

There is a haze in this picture from the firepit behind me.

The squash is finally starting to grown.

Pole beans make for a great fort for the kids. Leaving plenty of unplanted room around it for them to run and play.

Lettuce - lots of lettuce. Onions and Kahlrabi (google it)
While thinning the carrots I was pleased to see there were enough for lunch.

Things are definitely behind. But, growing none the less. The bonus is that the weeds don't grow as fast either!
I fear that the raspberries which are just now ripening will be ready when we are gone on our trip. (more on our trip in a bit)

The garden is a great place to play and my favorite place at the end of the day.

Oh, and you say that it was a short vacation from blogatopia? Well, I am a mom of four and I am only allowed one day off at a time (even post-surgery!)


McGillicutty said...

Hurrraaahhh... are those daisies in the grass? I miss daisies you never see them down here in the hot, hot South. Our grass is mostly weeds! Beautiful post missy.

Lorac said...

The garden is looking great. One thing about cool wet weather, the gardens adore it. My plants are also behind but healthy and very green.

Sandra said...

So glad your blog-cation was short. It really does look very good, you may be surprised. But I agree the raspberries will probably ripen while you're gone. Seems a fair trade-off!