Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Miss y'all

It is 10:00(ish) Mountain Time and my entire family is sleeping. They have been sleeping for at least a half hour. There is something so exhausting about a lack of oxygen :) We have become flatlanders in the last decade. This thin mountain air, and steep grades have been tiring. I am doing surprisingly well - but I can tell the difference in the kids especially.

Yesterday we were up quite high in the town of Ouray. We made a hike to the bottom of Cascade Falls and then had a great picnic in the park (thanks Shari) We then spent the rest of the day swimming in bath tub temperature hot springs. It was glorious. Absolutely what dreams are made of. We made a group of 18! Our friend and her kids, her sister and her children and then various friends and family of both met us there for the day. That made for a loooooootttt of kids. But, it went fabulously!

We spent the day in Telluride today. It was lovely. I love that town and am thrilled to see that they have kept the commercialization in check and tried to keep the authenticity of the town in tact. We were able to eat at the bakery "Baked in Telluride" and ride the gondola up to the top of the ski mountain. We then hiked up a ways toward Bridal Veil Falls but had to stop due to lack of time and the sure amount of energy is was taking. It may have fallen under child abuse to keep going.

We returned just in time for our supper date with an old friend and associate. It was nice to sit back and have a relaxing supper and talk. (I am from Minnesota, we call it supper. I suppose since we were in Colorado we had Dinner!) The kids were instantly at ease and all was well. From there we drove down a few blocks and chatted with another old friend while the kids played with her children for an hour or so.

It was a fabulous day and makes me long to be here. However, I know the grass is always greener...... I love and miss the family feel of the town and how loving, caring, and kind everyone is. We always feel at ease and at home. The strangest thing is I missed the accent. It is subtle but it is there - the SW Colorada accent.

As for tomorrows plans. They have drastically changed. We are no longer heading to Mesa Verde. Too much work, heat, time, effort, and money to reap the benefits. We are instead going to try to hook up with a few more old friends and maybe drive to the Utah border. Alright. That is all for now. I need to get my own sleep. I am whipped. Whipped but content. A good kind of tired if you will.

Miss reading y'all's blogs.


p.s. If you haven't checked them out yet - there is a page of photos on the post below.


~Thought's By Dena~/ JDs Gift Shack said...

sounds like you are having a super time ...and thats what vacations are all about!!!

dannyd said...

Hi there! Have fun on your vacation, and I look forward to reading when you get back!

Jessi said...

I love Ouray and it's hot springs!! It's so beautiful there...

And holy cow... I'm a native to Northern Colorado, and never in my life did I think I have an accent... then I spend 4 weeks in Chicago and my new friends there tell me I have an "aaah-ccent" (emphasis on the "aahh", lol!)... who'da thought?!

Homer and Queen said...

Gorgeous!!! Wish I were there, without the kids...

McGillicutty said...

Jules... all that outdoorsie...I love it, these are memories to treasure for sure! You are so lucky, and to have the family to sleep before 10 on a vacay.... you're awesome!!!!
I particularly love that we can share this with you in the Blogosphere..too very, very cool.
Take care and have fun. Ali