Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Secret Box

So today I will be arriving in Colorado and recovering from the hell drive there.

So, again I am borrow something from another blog. I think Shelle had it but she may have taken it from someone else? Then I saw it on the Hot Dad's site where Sage posted it... and now... now I am stealing it and putting it here. But, really it isn't stealing it is the sharing of their brilliant idea and passing the fun on to you
(ok,yeah, it's stealing)
*(to my G rated readers - Sage's blog is not always G or PG...)

The Secret Box-

Here is how the secret box works.

You spill your secrets into it. (Put it them in the comment section)
Make them anonymous or put your name on them.

Go on, no one is looking, no one is judging.
I should be able to check in tonight on Deb's computer at her cabin.
I can't wait to see what secrets you have and to add my own.

In the spirit of all the secrets going around the internet right now-
Spud and Julochka and Deb
have all been participating in the
30 secrets and 30 days and are there for excused from this exercise!

Hopefully tomorrow I can post a bit about the peaceful love filled family trip to Colorado. That alone should be worth coming back for - picture me with no shower and my head spinning- This is what good blogging is all about.

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Deb said...

I have no secrets from you. So I will share a treasured memory:
I experienced such incredible joy when you picked me up and hugged me at your arrival that I thought I would burst. There were tears when I saw your beautiful family, when I met your two youngest for the first time. So this is not a secret it is a thank you and a love note to a dear sweet friend.