Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Captured - Picture Post

First the rebuttal to my post on Venus -vs- Mars is up. The ever so controversial and corny Sage has given the male perspective. Go, read, go ahead... I'll wait. Then come back and look at my pics.


Train Museum in Nebraska

Train Museum in Nebraska
Mail Train
Train Museum in Nebraska

Zoo in Sioux Falls

Zoo in Sioux Falls

McCrory Gardens
Brookings, SD

McCrory Gardens
Brookings, SD


Taken at the Falls
Sioux Falls, SD

Taken in Naturita, CO

Taken in Naturita, CO
Pictures taken on our Colorado trip. Sharing the shots that "capture" me.

The pics that were enhanced -
giraffe and my son and I


Vodka Logic said...

Beautiful pictures. I have never been out to that part of the country..some day

Sandra said...

Great photos jules. The moment with your son is wonderful.

Alex @ I'm the Mom said...

Absolutely stunning pictures!! I love them :D

Mari Mansourian said...

great pictures jules, ok, i'm off to read the first and second part of your guest blog :)

rxBambi said...

fabulous pictures! I love the last one of the rose. That's my favorite kind of rose... did you take it for me??

Deb said...

You arteest you! Capturing beauty with your lense. Sharing beauty with all of us to feed our souls. Thank you - thank you! Mwaah!

Chief said...

Beautiful pictures Jules! I read Sage and it made me realize how lucky I am. Not that he is an a-hole ;) really

Will Burke said...

Great pix; my fave is the first! Second; the awkward girraff.
Sage was really interesting! I had to immediately go & show some appreciation to my wife! About your comment there about going out, what are your husband's thoughts on it?

julochka said...

love the yellow door.

and the green letter thingies.

awesome capture of the giraffe.