Monday, September 28, 2009

A house can be reclaimed, A SOUL CAN'T

I just found this in my sweet little blog idea notebook that Julie from Moment's of Perfect Clarity sent me. I had written this sometime this summer. I thought it profound to look back on. Although it is not in complete sentence form I am going to write it as it is scribbled in the book. I think the thought process flows enough. (I will try to recreate the pattern of writing with my spacing)

What is wrong with me? Why am I scatterbrained, why am I only doing the bare minimum?

dust is collecting
laundry is staying in baskets
But along with this my thoughts are collecting I am starting [to] think again
making room for emotion instead

Like a caterpillar to a butterfly
it is taking all my energy to metamorphosize / to change.

I am having a hard time thinking and doing for others.
I don't want to lose myself
I don't want to be that bitter lady
at 40...

My family will hopefully appreciate this year that I have taken
for myself.

I am going to have to start naming the dust bunnies

A house can be reclaimed


This is what I wrote.
I barely remember writing it,
I find it profound.


julochka said...

profound indeed...i love going thru my little notebooks as well. they will definitely be going in the smeg to be dragged outside if there's a fire. :-)

Vodka Logic said...

Very good, I always carry a notebook for thoughts.

Love the new header

Cwybrow said...

:) nice.

Memories Of Mine said...

I love the fall colours in your new blog header.

Why is that we lose time but never house work. Nothing wrong with a pet dust bunny or 2.

Good on you for taking time for yourself. :)

Will Burke said...

Did the jotting help? I mean, was it an effective head-shake, allowing you to settle back into a good (or maybe, functional) head-space?
You're not really pushing 40, are you? If so, you're camera's taking-off a good 10-12 years!

Deb said...

Profound indeed! And wise! I'm going to write (I hope) a post on being quiet today...think it might ? relate. I love the new banner too! So, I don't want to change mine yet...I love it too much..Part of why I love it is that we made it there!

Deb said...

What are the bunnies named?

MissBuckle said...

You don't remember writing it because you got it out if your system...

math guy, dock guy said...

What's profound mean?...just kidding.

Very profound.

Did you grow any "little yellow zucchini"'s in the garden this year?

Just Jules said...

Julie- I haven't pulled it out in awhile, just been mumbling my way through things (which has shown in my writing ;) ) But yes, it is so handy once a person uses it. I love your smeg list of savable items. Mac laptop included

Vodka - Thanks about the header. My secret techy blog friend finally got it just perfect this afternoon. I am loving it now too.

omchelsea- hi girl! good to see you over here again. come again. have coffee

Liss- you tooooo!!!! I popped over to your place and saw your tulip pics !!!!stunning!!!! did not have a moment to comment though as I was late out the door.

Will - I am not 40, NOOOO. (4 years short thank you) Thank you though on the boost of morale. But you have to enable your email man.

DEBRAAAAAAAAAAAAA- hi! come have coffee, I made pumpkin bread. There are far too many dust bunnies to be named. I will just number I think and then call one Nemo and keep him for a pet. don't change your banner you have to get a new camera first.

MissBuckle- You are right. I have that problems with to do lists too! Since I have written it down I think it is done - doh!

Alright smarty pants dock guy- Mr. overeducated ;) I am working hard on reclaiming the little yellow zucchini, much to your benefit - vegetable are good for you.

Deb said...

so why am I DEBRAAAA today? I'd love to have pumpkin break...mmmmm. so remember I was telling you about Sue Monk Kidd's Book, When the Heart Waits? Think You'll want to check it out...listen to this:

'The Greek word for soul is psyche, and is often symbolized as a butterfly. Both the soul and the butterfly are metamorphosed. While it was tempting for me to think that the growth and emergence of my authentic self would happen with little TIME OR EFFORT (emphasis mine!) on my part, that isn't so. The fullness of one's soul evolves slowly. We're asked to go within to gestate the newness God is trying to form; we're asked to collaborate with grace.'

Sandra said...

Very true and worth noting.