Sunday, September 27, 2009

A B*tch/ I Mean A Rant

If you missed it, part one of this b*tch I mean rant was here.
Again, my friend co-owns, and manages a gym. Needing a little space to vent and some free therapy I have opened my blog to her. Laugh and cry with her --->

Blog Gripes Part 2
What in the world is wrong with kids today? My list of annoyances regarding my employees
(and FYI most of these girls no longer work for me):

1. I have stated over and over the employee uniform is your staff shirt, black pants and sneakers. Sneakers and sandals are not the same. No open toes - you work in a gym for God's sake. Also white short-shorts are not the equivalent of black pants - not even close.

2. This is an all woman's gym. Aside from customer service our number one goal is keep it clean! There is a list for our employees of all the things they need to clean at closing. When I come back after being gone for a few days I should not see brown streaks in the toilet bowl (from rust down the back where the water runs). There have never been streaks in the toilet - pretty sure they just don't appear. Clean the freakin toilet - I don't care if you don't clean your house at home - you clean my "house" cause that's what you get paid to do.

3. If you are going to search for another job while you are on MY time, please at least be smart enough to empty the desktop trash bin. I don't want me to find your cover letter and resume.

4. When I give you a short questionnaire to fill out so I can put up a "Meet Our Employees" board, DO NOT write that you work out at a competitor's gym and love it over there.

5. DO NOT think that it is ok that you failed to show up for your very first shift (after I have spent two separate days training you). Then when I do call you to see if you are planning on coming in DO NOT text me back saying that you have a lot going on and are not going to be able to work here. I don't care if you dropped your phone in a pond and only the test message part works - YOU DO NOT QUIT IN A TEXT MESSAGE. Don't then get huffy with me when I tell you I am disappointed by your actions and your text and how this reflects poorly on your best friend who vouched that you were responsibly enough to hire. How hard is it to get in your darn car and drive to a pay phone to call me BEFORE your shift was supposed to start......I'm pretty sure they still make pay phones.

Thanks Jules - had to get it out!

There ya go. My space is your space my dear friend.
So.... anyone need a job? She is hiring ;)


Chief said...

The work ethic is different, I don't want to sound like a prude, these days. Kids aren't taught to be responsible...just my thoughts

rxBambi said...

I totally agree with chief. You recommend people then they embarrass you. I will NOT be recommending anyone anymore. Too much of a risk and an embarrassment to my own work ethic.

Liz Fulcher, The Fragrant Muse said...

I totally get this rant. My massage practice used to be in a commercial building with 5 therapists. They drove me crazy until I finally sold everything and opened up a small studio at home. I love working alone!

Alex @ I'm the Mom said...

Wow. A text message? Ouch. That's just wrong on so many levels.

I cant stand some people. I completely understand why you would need the rant. I would too if I worked there.

Pattern and Perspective said...

I'm 33. I have great work ethics, but then again my dad was in the military so that rubbed off. Although, sometimes I wish I could quit my current job in a text message as I hate it that much. I just need to find something new - too bad there's nothing in Thief River and I mean nada.