Saturday, September 26, 2009

Do You Live In Your House? Keeping it real.

Keeping it real.
I saw this on a blog. I am so sorry, but, I was in my fog (it was around the first day of school) so I have forgotten which of you lovely bloggers did this first.
If you call me and tell me you are coming over now for coffee- as long as I have 10 minutes min. I can pull my house together and have it looking half way decent. But, if you were to just pop in unannounced you would find "reality". Real life. We live in our houses, that is what houses are for after all. If we spend every moment of every day keeping it up to Ms. Stewart's standards we would go batty.

So in that light I would like to show you my house- to keep it real. But, because I am human - I feel like I should tell you that these pics were taken after three additional children were here for play dates. But trust me, it doesn't take long for my kids to reek this much havoc on our house in a short amount of time.

Lincoln logs, Imaginext, Star Wars, Hot Wheels, Dinosaurs
We support them all
This mess is from the boys primarily.

Breakfast still on the table, clean and dirty dishes waiting to be put away,
the bread drawer exploded
More toys
This that and everything collects in the kitchen/dining room

I don't even want to know what they were doing downstairs
with all of those pillows and blankets?
cannon balls of the couch possibly?

This girl knows how to play. Of all the kids in our house she uses
everyone of her toys and has quite the imagination.
However she is not so good with the clean up.
Yes, my girly is the worse. However most of her fallout stays in her room.

While my house will never be worthy of a magazine shoot I find I don't care. When we were first married and didn't have any kids we kept our house as though it may be photographed at anytime - but guess what? they never came calling. Back then how things sat of the shelf mattered to me, and the fact that one thing was out of place was a problem. But it wasn't comfortable. It was neat and clean and the fact that there wasn't a disaster around each corner was nice. But there was a different pressure. The pressure to keep it that way.

Now days we clean the house. Every night before the kids go to bed, everything is back in it's place and the kitchen is cleaned - but in between, during our "living" time- that is what we do, we live.


Will Burke said...

It looks perfect! We had a 'lived-in' look before Callie arrived, though we'd done some SERIOUS nesting. It's getting Lived In again quickly...
LOL for your "Milk/Phone" comment! If the calls become unbearable, I'll use that story on those who's calls I've missed

Deb said...

Wowie-zowie! Looks like some serious living has been going on there! It's a good thing you are the ultimate white tornado/tsunami cleaner. That would take me much longer than 20 minutes to clean up! I was tickled to see my b-day gift towel hanging on your kitchen cabinet! And loved seeing your completed wasn't finished when I was there! Love the colors in girlies room too! Thanks for the tour! It was fun! I think I'll go make a magazine cover for you too...come visit in a while! Mwaah!

Chief said...

heh! It was me and I LOVE yours! remember I had the corn on the cob carcass?

Hell, I would never take a picture of my house is THAT bad!

Anonymous said...

More deer horn pics!!! Deer horn people are the best kind!

spudballoo said...

Waaaah me and MrSpud are HOOTING!!! Not at your mess, but at how very similar our house often/always looks. But generally I can restrict the worst of it to the playroom, which looks like a rehearsal for WWIII every single day.

Meh, your children won't remember whether their home was tidy or messy. so give it up!

Love this post, brilliant xx

Homer and Queen said...

Love the walls! Pine? Alder? Hickory?

julochka said...

good for you. houses are for living! i might have to do one of these tomorrow...but first, it has to get light...and i love the first shot best...that the kids are playing nearby when you're on the computer. :-)


rxBambi said...

Great post and it's nice to see that I'm not the only one that lives in our house. I used to have naked barbies and legos and bratz, but now it's book-bags and shoes and sports equipment (oh and probably a wine glass or two just waiting to be washed). I'm gonna go do it. Inspiration. Thank you!

Stephanie Meade Gresham said...

This post made me change my mind about using the last minutes of the quiet evening here to tidy up. Dishes are done. Nuff said.

Thanks for the post idea. Mind if I link to this post from my own?