Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Pig on a Pedestal

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... What makes you think you could take cash out of your home, and only pay interest on it for the next 5 years, and then NOT have to pay it back ...The stupid people used them with stupidity... You screwed you. Not the banks.
From: Adam at I don't give 2 cents who wrote an "editorial" on the broken record evolving from the "economic crisis" Now Adam, why did you have to go get me all riled up?

I too am tired of the feeding frenzy that the media is on.

It reminds me of what must have been a slow news week here in Minnesota last winter. The temps were below zero - not excessively like this winter... but they were below the average below zero temps. As I said it must have been a slow news week because the news media latched on and wouldn't let go. There were reports on the cold, on the street interviews, and strict warnings to not go out. Every reported vying for a different take or angle, some reporters reminded us all how to survive if you are stuck in the elements or if your car should careen off the road and cause you peril...ugggg. Regardless two weeks later it was at least 10 to 20 degrees colder than it had been that "big news week" and not a peep from the media because there was some other issues to beat over our head.

Here it goes again - the media has their jaws latched on and are shaking this thing to death...

I have commented on several other blogs with some of these ideas, but, here I will put them all together.

My take is this:
(crib notes for those that don't want to read anymore of my rant)
1) spend your money more wisely
2) consider your own situation, don't let the news tell you how you are sitting.
I think part of what we have here is an awakening, a slap across the face to those who need it. The Escalade driving, latte drinking, I "need it" people. You know them, or if you don't, maybe you are one of them.

Who are you? You are the person who "needs" things. You "need" (insert a whine here) another shirt at a steal of $100, or Jimmy Choo shoes for God only knows how much. You are the "I don't know how to cook so I eat every meal out" person.

Why? Why are you in this situation you cry.
You are in trouble because you make poor money decisions. Because you are drinking your mocha chocka lattes at $4 a pop and then to "treat yourself" you grab a muffin once a week adding another $3 to the mix. (never mind a bazillion calories which adds to bad health and medical bills)

Stop - figure out how much that is a year. Never mind you are probably too lazy it is $1200 and that is only on a Monday - Friday basis. $1200 for coffee people (and one muffin a week). Paying $1200 a year more on your mortgage can pay your house off several years earlier.

Why do you need to stop at the corner coffee chain anyway? Coffee makers, even good ones are under $100 and muffin mixes are under $3 and you get 12 small or 6 big muffins - but NO you are too busy to make those muffins or figure out how to make coffee for yourself.

Why are you too busy? because you are watching some stupid tv program (waiting for the news to tell you how to feel) a program where Paris Hilton is making girls (who are don't have any self respect) compete to be her BFF - yeah right, once the show is over so are you.

It is time you got bitch slapped! Today I am the bitch for it.....
Wake up, figure out where your money is going and deal with it,
because quite frankly you are spoiled.

The way people have been throwing money around for last several year is ridiculous. I am sure when you were growing up and you didn't finish your food your parents told you there are starving children in Africa, well guess what there are starving children in your hometown and there have been for years.

I know, I 've heard
You are unemployed - fine. But guess what? There are jobs out there. Go look. I would advice you to keep looking for that "ideal job". But, until you find it (cuz it will be awhile) suck it up and wait tables, wash dishes do what ever it takes. There has been a sign at the local craft store for a year now looking for an employee who is willing to work nights and weekends. There are jobs out there.
You know who is still employed? Garbage men.

I like how Mike from Dirty Jobs puts it.

Dearest and I are raising 4 wee ones on a teachers salary -it it is not enough. So, we started our own business. There are days when he leaves here before the sun rises and I don't see him again until 11pm when he crawls home to unload and reload for the next day - leaving again before sunrise to catch up at school, then teaching all day, followed by installing docks until after the sun sets, just to do it all again and again. We also pick up odd jobs on the side to help ends meet. Things like giving the SAT test on Saturday mornings or selling beer at the local music festival. We have worked hard to keep our head above water and try to get ahead when we can.
To those of you who are still employed and are hiding under your mattress next to your money - I ask you to shut off your t.v. examine your own check book and go from there. If you have money to spend, spend it (wisely). Don't be so brainless as to let a reporter tell you how to live or how your economic situation sits, because I don't think they have actually looked into YOUR specific case. (If those who are doing fine stop spending money on our industries than we are only contributing to the situation)

Oh and before I go, let me tell you what you really need

7)medical attention when needed
I don't remember anything about mochas and handbags on Maslow's Heirarchy of Needs.

Perhaps it is time to stop bitching and start doing some self examining. Get your priorities straight and then we will talk. Bitch in my comment box I dare you.....


Kacie said...

I loved this post! I'm glad there are people like you in the world! Also, I didn't know you were married to a teacher as well!? cool, what's he teach?

Adan said...

You go girl! You totally quoted me! I feel more important than I rightfully should. You put it very simply. Wake up, I would have loved to hear the fuck word in there. I could feel it there, wanting to come out, and the more I read, the more build up we got, but no fuck word. I guess that just added to the angst to tell people to shut up! Right on girl!

Alicia @ boylerpf said...

Way to go!!! More people need that slap in the face. I am so tired of hearing people whine because they don't have this or they don't have that. So go and EARN it!! I was raised with "nothing comes free"...you work for what you "need" and need is a whole lot different than want. The media is bought and paid for...I think we know by whom...and is a crying shame that the younger kids of today live and breath this garbage instead of hard working morals. GREAT post!!

Missy said...

Awesome post! Love it! I heard today that the new Stimilus Plan will pay out 300 million to study why pigs stink! I can tell them for much less! LOL

Adan said...

i'm glad i was able to be a muse for a day!

this was truly a great piece of writing!

julochka said...

there's a lot to think about here as i sip my latte. because yes, i'm one of those latte people. i did recently resist spending $750 (which was half price) on a proper espresso machine and i make do with my french press and a separate milk frother that i use on the stove. but let me tell you, every time i pass a starbucks (the only ones in DK are in the airport--one before security and one past it), i'm at the counter, ordering a grande latte.

but as i see it, it's about choices. we make our choices as to what's important to us and yes, then we have to live with them. we fill in our own hierarchy of needs. and with any luck, we have the means--by which i mean brains and wherewithal more than monetary means--to do what we need to in order to fulfill them. by which i mean have a job that pays for them or adjust our needs accordingly.

people are having to adjust their needs accordingly these days. and jobs are not hanging on trees, even if you're willing to set your sights a bit lower--i know several people who have done so and are still having trouble. times are tough and yes, people got themselves into this mess and it's going to take time to get out of it.

but, the beauty of life is that we live in countries that allow us to choose our priorities and live accordingly. however, your priorities may not be mine. and that's ok.

and now i'm going back to my latte.

Polly said...

Great post, thanks for this, I agree with everything you said.

But I also agree on Julochka's point on hierarchy of needs that determine our choices. I can resist Starbucks lattes most of the days, even though they are much better than the ones I make myself, but I never think twice before spending money on books or magazines... even if it doesn't mean I'll read them straight away. So some may say that's throwing money into the gutter which is very bad especially that times are hard but it IS all about priorities and trying to enjoy life despite hard times...

My job is not great, I often get frustrated with what I do, but it does pay my bills and I'm unwilling to take a chance and give up on it to pursue my dream career because I want to know that I do have an ability to buy books and travel from time to time... life's about choices and compromises...

thanks for this post. Polly x

Just Jules said...

I totally agree julochka - however, I am guessing that you can afford to stop and get yourself a latte. It is the people who are putting everything from lattes to handbags to groceries on credit and then crying later when the bill comes.

People can not expect to live in a lifestyle that they can't afford forever. Either they need to get a job that can support their style or they need to adjust. I am just tired of listening to people whine when I know they were buying"toys" they couldn't afford in the first place, but hey the bank gave them money for it so why not right?

I too stopped at Dunn Bros. on Sunday and had a Chai with my friend and even splurged on a roll - however that is not the norm and I bought it with the pocket change in my coat.

If you can afford to spend money - please do, shops need it. But people stop pimping your life out to creditors

that is all.

Candy's daily Dandy said...

No bitching here...you are on a most eloquent roll. More power to you!

Anonymous said...

You said it all girl! I taught you well. I am sooooo proud. If you can not pay your credit card bill off eac month or pay more than the minimum on any other bill, you are living beyond your means!!! Sometimes it is necessary, like for life saving things, but otherwise, if you can't afford to pay for it now, you don't need it. Has anyone ever stopped to figure out how much these things end up costing them at 21% interest? Do that some time. By the time you get done paying for the things y0u bought, it is gone or worn out. If you keep on doing this the rest of your life, you will not have a life. Like Jules said, suck it up and do whatever it takes to pay the bills and stop living beyond your means.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

most excellent - you have given voice to many of things I've been thinking for quite a while......

thanks! my first response was you go girl and saw that an early commenter beat me to the punch!

Anonymous said...

WOW, this was so powerful. No wonder you're my favorite. Thoughts like this need to come out more. The "need" is different than "want" idea has gotten lost somewhere. Keep up the good work!