Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Dear Gods of Google

Dear Gods of Google,

It has been declared here that you control the weather.
However, what has not been stated, is that if indeed you do control the weather - then you have one heck of a sick sense of humor dear gods (and goddesses) of Google! Sick I tell you! For I have waited all Summer, I have prayed daily to you and the other weather gods to bring us warm weather. Something over 80 degrees is all I wanted.

To be able to take my children to the beach - so they could enjoy the water that you put in our great state. Now, you funny funny guys (and gals) send me a 90 degree day. Today on the day that I have to finish packing for our family trip.Oh, that is like sending a tropical storm to a destination wedding. That is like a snowstorm on the night your baby is born, that is just wrong!

If you doubt our claims that indeed Google is god -
Please let me refer you here.
After all, everything you read online is real- you all know that!
Pfffft... and you doubted me!

*shrugging shoulders, and giving you a
dismissive wave of the hand*


Sandra said...

You know it's supposed to be hot for the entire week!
Hopefully you won't be going into crummy weather in CO.

bearer of three said...

so so mean i tell you lol...i dont know where you live but out here NY/Nj its been really hot..we where suppose to get rain mONDAY TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY and we havent had a drop yet so idk..well pack up quickly so you can enjoy a lil of the day

Homer and Queen said...

Only 90? Wow we would have to put on a sweater!

dannyd said...

If Google isn't God, it's certainly something very, very close lol. And I saw the Googlism website, and it's extremely funny. Love your blog! Check out mine, please.


untitled teen said...

yes!be sure i will:)

your blog is amazing

dannyd said...
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Deb said...

God's blessings on your travels! mwahh!

dannyd said...

Thank you so much for your compliment! Please follow my blog at:


I have a great short story that I'm writing, and am covering my time volunteering for a campaign there.