Friday, August 14, 2009

Random Thought Friday

Since I am in the middle of South Dakota or Nebraska today on my way to Colorado. I needed to schedule a post. I was in the heat of packing when I remembered to schedule posts so I have to fall back on some old or borrowed ideas.

First - Random Thought Friday--->
We have played this game before. It is quite simple just put a random thought into the comment section and hit publish. You can do it.

Here is some examples to get you going:

Why is it as I get older I like less and less types of music.

My new fabulous dishwasher is so sound proof and so sealed that when you open it in between washes it reeeeeeks! man, let it breathe!

Bread should mold a lot faster then it does - that should really scare us. What do they put in that stuff and why don't they put that in face cream?

If you had to buy white out by the gallon gasoline would look cheap.

High heels are meant to be worn for about .2 seconds and then sat in pretty like.

How can I pack for a two week trip a week ahead of time - what would we wear this week, how many clothes do you think we own?

I have more calluses on my hands then most men.

Why did I plant so much lettuce? How many salads and things with lettuce did I think I would eat! Where is Peter Rabbit when you need him?

My girly has an amazing singing voice -where did that come from?

I can't dance anymore. I swear I dance like a mom now. wth?

Mopping the floors is overrated. I only do it once a quarter! I'll wipe up the spills, but, really I have better things to do with my time.

Why do other people do things so much slower then me and why won't they just get out of my way?

Why is it that we know genetics are going to take over but are surprised when they do.

Why do I still have text books from college that I never intend to look at again.

You ever noticed that God has a sense of humor.

We have had a horrible summer of weather and now as we head to Colorado where it has been in the hundreds a cold front is moving in? Is it cold around here or is it just me?

Do Sage have a thought that isn't random?

Is Shelle's mom the original Snow White cuz she sure looks like a 21st century Snow White beauty.

Why do you have to squeeze the toothpaste from the bottom, it still works.

Why do you have to have cereal for breakfast and steak for supper. I would rather have it the other way around.

If you have a mid life crisis in your 30's are you going to die before you turn 80?

Why do companies put such crap in food and bathroom and cleaning products and why do we as Americans continue to buy it?

How did #2 lead get the number 2?

Why when I am about to start packing for this trip am I not stressed? Yet feel like crying?

As I age I continue to think men my age are attractive - thank God for that, cuz looking at 20 year olds would be creepy!

If someone didn't know me well they would think I had multiple personalities because you can't box this girl in.

Need any more ideas hit Shelle's place she has somewhere around 101 comments of random thoughts. Of course most are from Sage. Don't worry, they are making sure he is sober now - cuz you have to be some kind of messed up to make that many comments or have that many random thoughts :) (remember Sage is a friend - just laugh at him and don't get offended - he is just funny, go on laugh!)


dannyd said...

To answer some of your random questions:

Maybe you like less and less types of music because you know they will hurt your hearing.

Zombie bread (i.e. filled with preservatives) makes more moolah for corporations, plus we don't bread preservatives on our faces because we have Botox for that. :P

For sages, random thinking is the way to discover more about ourselves. Socrates created the Socratic Method by randomly telling people that we all knew nothing.

On that note, the only two things that I know are that I know nothing, and that all our blog posts signify nothing. Even ones I post on this one, which I ask you to follow anyway lol:

Lorac said...

I am truly sad that for the first time in so many years, I have the summer off and it is crappy weather!

I also have been unable to travel as I love being unemployed this year :(

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Hey I did Random THought Friday again also! But I'm not on vacation.

random thought... why in the world would Sage name himself sage? It's kind of girl... like in color and spice...

makes one wonder???

McGillicutty said...

Why can't I get the gravatar to work on Spud's site?

Are you constantly aware that someone is watching you? There are cameras everywhere, it will do your head in if you start to think about it.

Why are there some people on this earth who laugh after everything they say? How are you, hahahahaaa?

Does it really matter if you're wearing clean underwear when you get run over?

it's cold in the north and peeps are miserable, it's hot in the south and peeps are miserable, there are wild fires in Calif. and hurricanes in the east, where does that leave us?????

Anonymous said...

Sage didn't name himself! Snow White did!
Sage would have gone with stunning picture of perfection!


I wonder if you are wondering what people are writing about wondering about of your blog, as you wonder about it.

Anonymous said...

how does anyone know how long swallowed gum stays inside you?

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Snow White wouldn't have had anything to do with you... to tall!

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Why when someone goes on vacation does it make me itch to pack up and leave also??? Why can't I just be happy with staying home???

Jane said...

Hey Just Jules. Thanks for stopping by. Glad you like the girls/guy. Love your random thoughts post. Do I have a random thought? Let me see.... No, wait, wasn't that a random thought about random thoughts? This is hard.

Anonymous said...

where y'all at?

Anonymous said...

you havin fun yet?

Anonymous said...

miss us yet?

Anonymous said...

Traveling Jules, this is mission control......

Deb said...

I'm so excited, I just can't hide it! My friend is coming to visit me and I get to meet her new kiddos and hug her hubby and, and, and...I'd better go see if I can get some rest...they are ahead of schedule....yahhhhooo!

Mari Mansourian said...

hey Jules, hope your trip is going well, say hi to Deb :)
hmmm random thought... why does ice-cream taste better out of the tub? Or better yet why does it taste better...out of the tub late at night? :o)

Just Jules said...

mission control we have arrived at our destination. Now onto the mission :)