Sunday, August 16, 2009

Being Stubborn In The Rain In The Red Rock Canyons

Colorado welcomed me with a big hug.

I knew they were going to be thrilled to have me back....
But, naming a town after I didn't expect that!

We made it to Colorado in record time. When you have two people who are trying to out-stubborn one another you can go great distances....

"I think we could go further. We don't need to stop yet. I am not tired, are you?"

"Who me, pfffffffttt, NO! I'm not tired I think we could go further."

"Well, I think we could make it to Pierre."

"At least to Pierre... maybe further"

So, with that, we made it to Pierre at 1 am the first night. I talked our way into a Super 8 for $45 and we slept 4. 5 hrs. Breakfast and back on the road by 7 am and onto Idaho Spring, CO where we camped at the Indian Hot Spring in what they called a campground.

I would call it a parking lot. If you look behind us in the pic you can see the gravel that we slept on. But, hey! it was only $26 and the showers were free (rare in Colorado due to the backpackers) and there was wi-fi in the lobby ;)

We headed across Colorado the next morn on I 70. Stopping as planned at Glenwood Canyon's rest stop. We had on the agenda a lunch of grilled hamburgers. (Eating out with our clan gets quite spendy -especially when traveling through high class ski country). However, with all things Jules - this is when the clouds gather and the rain and hail comes down. The planned energy release for the kids was ruined but with the stubborn streak still rearing it's head - we continued to cook after all, that was the plan! We ate in the rain (and hail). Again, all things totally Jules - as we were cleaning up and getting ready to go the clouds part and the sun shines.
Sigh.... so it goes. But, the burgers were good.

Dearest cooking in the rain on the
fancy new trailer he had made for such travels

Being ahead of schedule we were able to take our time down the scenic bi-way from Grand Junction to Naturita. This is my favorite drive. I am still transfixed with the red rocks against the blue skies. The sage brush and pinion pines keep it from looking like a total desert

The bi-way goes through the Unaweep and Tabaguche canyons. Both are equally impressive and awe inspiring. I will leave you with a few photos and fewer words. More later.... we are planning on going to Ouray, Telluride, and Mesa Verde in that order the next three days (I'm not tired... Google it)

Unaweep Canyon

Gateway, CO

Gateway, CO

Stopping to fill water bottles at the spring

Doloros River, Hanging Flume

Near Hanging Flume

Debra's cabin

Today's hike (I'll take any chance to climb)

Humming bird circus


Adan said...

looks like you are having a great time!!!

~Thought's By Dena~/ JDs Gift Shack said...

I love Colorado!!!! We are in we like to take trips to Colorado now and then..its so pretty there in the mountains!!! Looks like you guys are having a super time!!!! And wow I have never seen so many humming birds all at one time!!!!

spudballoo said...

wow this looks super, stunning photos. Love MrJules cooking in the rain....!! x

Lorac said...

I would love to see all of it! Great pics and story. It sounds like you are relaxed and happy! Have a great trip.

McGillicutty said...

Oh WOW!!! the pictures are stunning Jules, just stunning!!!! I know you're all having an excellent time!

Foyble | Acts of Kindness said...

Great Blog! Amazing pictures!

I have found a new hobby for my family (including my young teens) We post our good deeds on and get to see others responses to it. We are also able to read other inspiring stories. It has really helped us stay connected (while also teaching them valuable lessons!)

This seems like something your family would like to enjoy :)