Thursday, August 13, 2009

What about the lasts?

We keep track of the firsts. First steps, first words, up to first dates and beyond. What about the lasts? The last time we get to hold our son's hand before he is too cool to do so. The last time that you rock your sweet babe and sing to them. The last time we will see someone. How about the last time we see someone alive.

We are able to mark and date the firsts, but it is the lasts that are unknown.

As we journey out on our trip I do not mean to be morbid. Not in the least. But, we were picking up the last minute items this morning and as I walked into the store I realized I was holding the smallest boys' hands. Both of them. They had initiated it, and it gave me a little sentimental stir. For as I turned to see my two oldest a step behind and slightly sulky I know that this too shall pass, far too quickly.


Well, we are off. I will be trying to check in when I can using Deb @ Sojourner 's computer. I won't be around to read and comment... I miss you guys already. Don't forget me while I'm gone.


Indiri Wood said...

A friend passed away last October at 38. It happened suddenly and he left a wife and 2 young boys behind. For months after I would think "what if he knew this would be his last xxxx?" His last Halloween, last Christmas, last child's birthday? What if he knew that day when he said goodbye to his wife? It reminded me at the time to go home and hug my kids. Make sure I called anyone I hadn't talked to recently just to say hello and that I love them.

We remember the firsts because they're filled with joys. The lasts, if we knew, would be so sad.

dannyd said...

Unfortunately, time flies by, but you just have to enjoy every moment and not think about the future too much...

Trooper Thorn said...

We never know when last times are last times. Check out Amanda Wilkinson's song "No More Me and You" where she sings:
"If it's ever the last time,
And you know it is the last time,
Kiss me 'till you're convinced
I don't know it's the last time."

~Thought's By Dena~/ JDs Gift Shack said...

Great post...and so true...we never do know when the last time will be the last time....thats why we should cherish each and every moment as if it were our last time

Have a great trip!!!!!!

Sprout said...

I know! That's so similar to that I said on my posting about my youngest going off to school, Another Last First. Hope the trip is all that you anticipate and much more! Be careful, but be wide open ;>


Deb said...

Who said, a life unexamined is not worth living? I'm so glad that you think these thoughts and then share them with us. I miss lasts sometimes because I don't think they will be the last...not always prepared for that to be the last....So glad you are coming...can not wait...prayers for safe travels.

Deb said...

AHH! I just checked out your photo on close up! Too great of an outfit. Girlie loves your you have cowperson boots on too? You soo look like you're ready to climb those mountains and head out to Colorado in your Covered Wagon. Yee-Ha Girl!

OneZenMom said...

Trooper Thorn sent me. Via Hot Dads. So glad he did. This is a great post. so simple and so true.

McGillicutty said...

I always think it will be the last time I see my Mum and it hurts so much I just can't stand telling her goodbye so I do it very quickly. Other than that, don't dwell on it... enjoy the moments!! and fabulous outfit to go on a road trip!! You are so hip and cool. Be safe and have FUN!!!!!