Friday, September 18, 2009

Did she say Kiss Her A*s ? Yes I did.

I am losing followers quickly.
That both cracks me up and makes me shake my head.

It makes me shake my head because I wonder why I care, or notice. Maybe I should move my follower widget further down the page. It cracks me up, because this occurred after I post an entirely too long post about the swine flue and the stupidity of the FDA. Perhaps it wasn't that. Perhaps it was as the ever so beautiful and fabulous Queen suggested. Perhaps someone was offended that I called Diet Coke an unhealthy beverage? Well you know what??? Yes I am talking to you- people that stopped following. Come back, come back please... at least for one quick second. Just long enough to kiss my a*s!!!! Because I have decided I need to blog like no one is watching again.

Granted the quality of stuff I have been pumping out has admittedly not been the quality reading you all have grown accustomed to (insert sarcastic intonation here), and I have posted more about my family than I ever have before. But this time of year is wrapped in the kids' affairs. School, sports, etc. However, as far as I see it, most people on blogatopia have slowed their pace a bit.

I have today to myself basically (except for 6 or 7 kids running around) so I intend to blog. Blog like no one is watching. Write some quality posts, like those you come here to read. I will also be guest posting on a blog or two (ok, so it is only one, unless someone else throws me a bone)

Now, onto one more family thing quickly. (The nice thing about family things is it helps you and I develop a closer relationship. Right? Like friends, the more you know the more you can hold against them... no wait!!!! I mean the more you know the closer to them you feel)

Ok... so I am babbling.

My oldest son earned his Black Belt last night in the art of Tae Kwon Do. You can read a very very quick take on it here, at his blog (yes, his blog.... like I didn't have a hard enough time with my own lately ;)

Everyday Adventures of an Up North Boy (link always available in the side bar ---> )


T.Allen said...

I am laughing, and only peri-caffeinated so that is a major feat.

I feel the same way when I lose followers, but only for a moment. There is a part of me that thinks, meh-it was nice having you around when I did. I take great pleasure in blogging and did so for a YEAR without a single follower, they're wonderful- make no mistake, but this is after all-about me...and you.

Congratulations to your son, what a great achievement. Have a fab weekend.

Chief said...

So I went back and reread the post, looked at comments...I can never figure out why people unfollow, and I can't see it there either.

Whatever, whogivesashit. Just blog.

Yeah on the blackbelt. Maybe you can get him to open a can of whoopass on someone, just for giggles!

Vodka Logic said...

Why would you lose followers? IF I don't like a post I either dont comment or give my opinion, like you want it.

but I would come back to see what else you have to say. Some people are weird...or is me for sticking around lol

And I love the line Blog like no one is watching...perfect.

Congrats to your son as well

Deb said...

Mwaah! (one for your cheek), MWaah! (one for the other cheek!)...YOU CRACK ME UP! TEE-HEE! no pun intended...why don't you just say what you mean? I love love that you are so outspoken and sassy...I promise not to unfollow as long as you keep writing from the heart! I think I'll go visit your son's blog and congratulate him there. xxoo

Big Blue House said...

The article was too long about the swine flu but good information. owever, it would not make me not follow you. I love hearing about your family as you obviously like blogging about them. That is your life. You can't always be a scholar! or problem solver. You need some time out also. I think your unfollowers will come back to see if you said anything about them leaving. ha
Anyway, cudos to your son who is awesome. Most people don't know what is involved in the discipline, learning, and practicing involved in each belt will not fully appreciate what has been involved with the end result of "JUNIOR BLACK BELT". Great Job!!!!!

Just Jules said...

T.Allen- glad to provide a giggle for you.

Chief- I don't know if it was that post in general or the fact that I have sucked as a blogger lately - yeah probably that!

Vodka - I hope you are indeed are weird cuz then you will continue to hang around here - and comment... love the comments

Oh Ms. Deb- I am glad I could provide you too with a good giggle. Sassy, there is that word again, yes I need to find more of that sassiness. Maybe people won't unfollow.

BBH- of course you love hearing about the family you are my mom ....geeeez. If you unfollowed I am pretty sure I should give up blogging all together - one knows it is bad if your mom won't even read it. ha! that's funny.

d smith kaich jones said...

I laughed & nodded while reading this. I just don't do the follower thing, although I have followers - I've never turned my little thingy on to follow someone else just because I hate that word. Follower. I understand it doesn't mean what it sounds like it means, but nonetheless, I hate it. That being said, I am human and notice the number of followers I have (can't turn that off - which I personally think Blogger oughta think twice about). I never lose followers when I blog about something "controversial", but I lose my spot on others' blogrolls, and I lose their visits. But I am who I am - try being a politically incorrect artist; you will be dropped like a hot potato - and though it hurts, I go on. They don't pay my bills.

Plus I always find it very revealing about them.

Love this post.

:) Debi

Sandra said...

Did you really lose followers? I have no idea how many you had, so I can't tell.

It's great that people are interested and I really like interaction, but I don't pay attention to the followers widget. I have a handful of blog friends that visit regularly to comment. If others are simply reading, I think that's great, but I'm not always going to be prosaic, funny or mind-boggling. And sometimes i step on toes. If you lost followers over that post, oh well. Queen & I are still here!

Anonymous said...

WP doesn't have that 'following' thing. Do you want to hear my 'how much better WP is' speech (again)? ;)

I rarely visit my stat counter. I have found it causes an already obsessive me to be a billion, trillion times more obsessive. And my family doesn't really need that. LOL

The best blogs are blogs written for the author, about THEM. Their thoughts, feelings, lives.....

You just keep doing what you're doing, move your follower counter to the bottom, and carry on. The people who love you will keep coming by. The people who don't, whatever!



Anonymous said...

Oh, and CONGRATS to your son. That is really awesome. :)


Anonymous said...

I alwys get some and lose some when i opine political.
Diet coke ain't healthy?

Cool @ son too. an a** whipper!

Evonne said...

Blog like no one is watching - one of the greatest lines ever! Blog what you want and if other don't like it, oh well. Unfollowing is a bit much I think.

Congrats to your son! I think I'll pop over and tell him, too.

Have a great day!!
All You Need is Love

Mrs.Rotty said...

oh jules, i have had a similar situation as of late. I lost 2 followers for a differant yet earily lame reasons.

1) I have a feeling i'll HAVE to get the swine flu shot. Being in the military i don't have a say as to if i should get it or not.

2) If i had the choice, would i get it? HELL NO! Its to new. Just like the HPV shot. My husband is an RN and flat out told me not to get the HPV shot.

3) SCREW those who jump ship because your opinion is differant than theirs. Who needs them? I don't, do you?

Now i'm going to go back to sipping my diet coke and waiting on my coffee with to much milk.

Live the life you love Jules and EFF the rest.

Amy said...

I may quit following just so I can come back and kiss it.

Homer and Queen said...

Oh! Can I de-follow then come back and kiss it too??? After this post I love you even more!!!

Seriously?! People de-followed because of the swine flu post? I guess that flu has hit more people than we realized!! I always thought that the difference in all of us is what makes the world go round!!! We should be albe to have our own opinion about religion, politics, even the swine flu! That is what makes life fun and interesting!

Of course I can say that now that you have seen the error of your diet coke ways!!!

Love you Jules!

Liz Fulcher, The Fragrant Muse said...

Oh you clever minx you. I missed the swine flu post and your comments here made me to there and read it (well I gave it a good scan anyway.... I know it's there if I want to read it all in the future).

I never look at my stats and have only once had my feathers ruffled by an unfollower because I took it personally. That was my first mistake. My second mistake has been wondering why certain commenters stopped commenting and wondering if I'm getting boring. Sigh...Ego is a demon and will drive you drink Diet Coke if you're not careful.

I've noticed that the more I focus on writing what I think will please my readers, the harder it is to post and the more blocked I become.

I've decided to write like no one is reading (thanks Molly) or watching (thanks Jules) or judging (thanks me) and just write what spills out of my head, just like I've put on my caption.

Also, reading is blogs is like listening to the radio. If you don't like that song turn it off and come back later. Sheesh.

Liz Fulcher, The Fragrant Muse said...

I should really proof-read my posts before sending but since we seem to be in WTF mode, my typos are fitting!

Congratualtions on your son's black belt! That really is a huge deal and so worthy of a mom's crow!

math guy, dock guy said...

I thought you weren't competitive? Jeez, it's just a bunch of words that you decided to put in your blog, if someone stopped following because they were offended, then they have more problems then this. Just the same - you shouldn't get offended either. Maybe people quit following for other reasons like,... they follow too many and want to cut back, or... they are going a different direction with who they follow. Just do this for yourself because your great at it.

Sandra said...

Listen to the man, he speaks wisdom.

Big Blue House said...

math guy...dock guy summed it up when he said,"Just do this for yourself because you are good at it"!!!!!!!

Stacy Curl said...

I have lost followers too when I went and did a basement remodel! But I only had 15 followers and now I am down to 12! I am trying to get followers so people will see what I do!

But I love visiting your page as I heard you on the podcast and keep up with Throwing Quarters! Loved hearing about you vacation! And I think other people have interesting lives....

Congrats to your son! That is an awesome discipline!