Sunday, April 26, 2009

I Have a Confession

Don't Hate Me,
Please Don't Stop Following,
Just Give Me A Chance To Explain....

I listen to country music.

[on cue Backlights fade, spotlight on - Crowd Gasps]

I know I know I know.

I like all sorts of music and often flip from one type to the next
Top 40
Classic Rock
and Instrumental
even a little Metal if the mood strikes
But I always end up back at the Country station enjoying country songs. Now I have hinted at this before here and here and I gave it away here. But I have not out right stated... I like Country Music.

In my defense - I must say that most of the "new" country music is quite similar to Pop music of the past. In fact these days, more country songs are actually "cross over" songs then are not. Bon Jovi on the Country station and the Pop, Taylor Swift, and Keith Urban are playing on both sides of the station as well. Heck, if Kid Rock can go country then I can too!

So, take it or leave it. But, if we are going to go
any further in this relationship - you need to know :)

But, hey a lot of country songs have very genuine lyrics, and I don't fear my kids hearing anything "too mature" for their young ears. In fact this is their favorite performance to date :

Of course there are those "standards" that I just can't help belting out (looking a fool) while driving down the road - much to my kid's dismay ;) Although considering that my oldest's favorite song is American Pie by Don McLean this too might be rubbing off.


Homer and Queen said...

I love Country!

Polly said...

Oh Jules, how could you!!!

but who am I to comment, I'm not American so I should shut up!

Vicky said...

I can listen to a lot of different kinds too, but my kids already have a penchant for Rock and metal thanks to guitar hero... we've had to be extremely careful in the songs selected. We totally need the country edition of guitar hero :)

Sandra said...

I'll just have to overlook this. ; )

Rishaan Yellapragada said...

"Who Says You Can't Go Home" something I still love a lot.. though it can be called rock..

Also I love "Waiting on Your Love" from "Days In Avalon "...

But.. good to know, you make sure your kids young ears are listening to the right ones....

Adan said...

i saw a bumper sticker once. It said: Discourage Inbreeding, Ban Country Music.


Anonymous said...

So there are people who live in America that don't like country music? What do they like, western swing?
Well I like country (if you couldn't guess that) but I also like rock, ya know Elvis, Jerry Lee, etc.

Alicia @ boylerpf said...

Living in the mountains of NC, I couldn't stand country music but my daughter loved it...(gasp)! Whenever we were in the car she would change the station to some country western station and it eventually grew on me...(another gasp). We used to laugh our heads off at trying to make up lyrics...which the hard core country songs sometimes have such corny ones. So I have to say, it isn't my favorite but I do enjoy listening to some..the crossover pop kind.

Memories Of Mine said...

We all have a daggy streak, I won't hold it against you. LOL!

My brother is into 50’s & 60’s country and rock‘n roll. I borrowed his car a few weeks back and had to listen to his radio station. I was surprised how many songs I was singing along to. Scary!