Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I Broke The Rules

This summer I broke my own rules.

::We didn't get up at an particular time.
::We weren't dressed by 9 a.m.
::We didn't make our beds daily.
::We didn't clean up the breakfast or lunch dishes right away.
::We maybe kept the t.v. on longer then necessary
(hey, it was a cold miserable summer)
::Lunch and snack time occasionally melded together.
::I did not plan educational outings.
::We did not have scheduled reading times.
::I let my oldest skip a few practices.
::The order in the house was less then perfect
ok, most often the house was a mess!
::The lawn was not mowed every Thursday at 9 am.
::I missed garbage day a few times.
::I still haven't washed the kitchen floor.
::Bath times were a lot more hit or miss.
::Our outings out of the house became fewer and fewer.
::I let the phone go to voice mail and emails go unanswered.

feeling the spray of a waterfall on my face

Although I could keep going, I think you see my point. I let things go, I brushed off responsibilities, you could (almost) say we were lazy. This was done with good intent though.

::First off I needed it. Me, the mom. I have spent 8 years (since our second child was born 3lbs+) going going going. There were days where I didn't even have a chance to sit down, not even to eat (well maybe to go to the bathroom- but then I entertained an audience).

::Secondly, I have a very keen understanding of how fleeting these days are. I am not foolish enough to think that these days will last. I can see it coming. I see it in my oldest already. The days of lazy summers won't last forever.

::Third, we could do it. This summer was the perfect opportunity to "let kids be kids". Our "to do" list was rather small for the first time, and set plans were at a minimum. For the first summer in many summer every weekend wasn't consumed with "have to dos".

So, this summer - we didn't. We didn't do. We didn't stress. We didn't rush. We didn't worry. We let things slide. I have no regret what so ever, and while my socks now stick to the kitchen floor as I walk across it, I know that soon enough (days actually) we will be thrown back into a schedule and we will "have to do" this that and so many other things. Therefore these last few days of summer again are going to be full of nothingness. (Because this too shall pass)


Vintage Inspired Jewelry said...

Good for you ! Everybody needs a little down time. Hope you have a great day..Kathi

jane said...

sounds perfect! i usually take my watch off- we eat when we are hungry, sleep when we are tired... wish every day could be like that... your blog is so much fun! i´ll be back often! xxx jane

~Thought's By Dena~/ JDs Gift Shack said...

thats exactly how it needs to be every once in awhile!!!

McGillicutty said...

How wonderful for downtime, it was like that for us except I kept somewhat of a schedule at work! Funnily enough I'm glad to be back in a routine, I think it's a control thing with me????????

Deb said...

LOVE THE PIC OF YOU! Who took it? Your short to do list makes me tired. You do more in 5 minutes than most of us do in a day! Hope you are feeling more rested after your journey. Miss you! Mwahh!

Elizabeth said...

We did exactly the same during our summer holidays and it was wonderful relaxing and the kids enjoyed doing nothing. So there was no yelling out of frustration of a to do between any of the family members. How blessed can I be? Very, I enjoyed every minute of it.
And the kitchenfloor waited patiently.

rxBambi said...

I broke most of the rules also.. Except the bed making one. Hubs gets upset if I don't make the bed. Goofy men.

Chief said...

yes, it sounds like my summer. I had such aspirations. But all is well, we took a break ~pat on the back~

math guy, dock guy said...
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math guy, dock guy said...

Now that you mention it, I haven't slipped on the kitchen floor all summer. Thank you.

P.S. Debra, I got lucky on the pic, thanks for noticing. Usually it is Jules that shoots the good pics but makes them good by being in them too.

EE said...

Good for you! We did the same, actually we always do the same come summer.

It's GOOD to have down time. I look forward to it. But at the same time, come fall, I begin to crave some structure and a routine. So it works quite nicely. :)

Vodka Logic said...

Sounds like a perfect summer.


julochka said...

that is a totally healthy attitude. yay for summer!!!

Unknown said...

Yay for breaking the rules! Sounds like a wonderful summer!